KCLIBA PRESIDENTS TOUR 2020 (Updated 24th March 16:30hrs)


Ladies County Presidents Tour 2020

We travelled to Cambridgeshire for my tour this year, not a long journey and amazing NO hold ups at the Dartford Crossing.

We were very lucky to get the tour in this year because of the coronavirus. A week or two later we were in isolation and everything shutting down.

There were 23 ladies and a man, just had enough players to make 6 rinks, unfortunately one lady could not play due to whip lash as she had a car accident 2 days before the day of departure, we ended up playing one rink as a triples and on the last game the President of Chesterton played for us to make up numbers. There were four ladies from Prince Arthur, but unfortunately Pat Wells was unable to come and was greatly missed.

We celebrated Margaret Laraman’s birthday on the Wednesday with a cake.

We stayed at The Royal Cambridge Hotel, which was short walk from town centre and attractions.  The hotel was fantastic in looking after us, the only downside was the lift not working. The food was very good every day. Such a shame they were closing down at the end of March.

We did play bowls and had a local coach company taking us to the at 3 clubs in the area, Huntingdon a bit of a Magical Mystery Tour, drive was taking us through villages to try and avoid road works and traffic queues and his satnav was not very good but we got there in time,

St Neots and Chesterton much better journeys.  The greens were quite fast to play on and took us a few ends to the eight.
We won one lost two. All the clubs gave us a warm welcome and were very accommodating in have lunch available for us before the games.

Entertainment was laid on for each evening at the hotel, quizzes on two nights, talk on Gemstones, and on the gala night there was a table top magician who was very good and captured the groups attention,


also was a Silhouette Artist, everyone had a portrait to take home.

Thank you to those who attended and supported me this year.

Lynette KCLIBA President

8th January 2020