Men's Kent League (Updated 12th April 14:30pm)

 PARIBC Mens Kent League

Organiser: Mick Day

Selectors: Kevin Farrell, Dave Hood and John Lake 

This League is not about picking the so called “Best” players. We want players of every level to put their names forward and enjoy playing against other clubs in the Kent League.

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Mens Kent League Reports

Many thanks to those that have put their names down so far this season and please keep doing so. It helps the selectors a great deal not having to phone round at the last minute trying to cobble a team together.

We may have lost 9-1 away to Thanet on Sunday 25th Feb but congrats to Prince Arthur on fielding a full team. With some regulars out through sickness, family matters and holidays it was a struggle but we got there in the end.

Thanks again to Barry Tomlin for helping out by agreeing to be captain for the day. He also managed to 'persuade' a few men to play. Thanks also to Jim Coleman and Roger Spice for stepping in at the last minute as did Tim 'the fidget arse' Fletcher. His first hopefully of many more Kent League games.

You never know Prince Arthur might make a bowls club yet!

John Lake

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All matches are Meal Matches (except for Deangate) in Whites  H = Home A = Away   

Date/Day Fixture Food Game Time H/A