A message from your Directors

Changes in government policy means we can now open the club

It will come as no surprise that, for the foreseeable future things will be very different: the so called "New Normal". This means that although we can re-open it comes with restrictions on what we can and can't do.   Most of which are legal requirements, and are therefore essential for opening the club, so please don't shoot the messenger.

It goes without saying that all changes are intended to keep us all safe.

What follows is based on general government guidance for re-opening "indoor sport" and specific guidance for indoor bowling from the EIBA. From a Prince Arthur standpoint this should be understood as ‘mandatory’ guidance for both members and staff.

Things will change over the coming months, and changes may need to be implemented at very short notice. We will keep members informed as quickly as possible via the website and email.

If we do not have your email address please inform us, let us have it.

The Directors will look to ease these restrictions as soon as safety and guidance allows.


Social Distancing 

Please be respectful of social distancing at all times, especially when other members are entering or leaving the club. Some people are happy with a metre, others may want 2 metres or more - be respectful and comply with their wishes.

NB: It is a legal requirement to wear a mask within the Club – unless you are medically excused or a volunteer employed by Prince Arthur. August 2020 Gov 


Booking A Rink By Phone

No change: call the club on 01634 281243.

Please note, the club has no paid office staff over the summer and the phone is manned by volunteers. If you get the answer phone do not leave a message but call again.

Note that opening times will be limited, as is normal during the summer, we will keep you posted of intended opening times.

You can only pre book six days in advance of your game.

It is a requirement of accessing the Club that all bowlers intending to play are listed within our Bowls booking list showing names and contact phone numbers.


Maximum Number of Bowlers:

Each session is limited to a maximum of 30 people playing. You can play either pairs or triples. Get together with friends, families to make teams.


Two and a half hours duration – (no part sessions) – tea break "on-the-run"

£5 per session per bowler including hot or cold drink.

Please bring the correct money

The sessions are

09.30 to 12.00 13.00 to 15.30 Monday to Friday

18.30 to 21.00 Wednesday

Wednesday morning session will be a rollup but you must pre book. Only 30 places available. Your place will be confirmed when you phone.

More sessions will be added if required.

You must pre book the rink and your team


How to Pay for the Rink

To avoid groups trying to pay at the same time pay envelopes will be available on your rink.

Each skip should - collect the rink fees from their team and put it in pay the envelope. Then write on the envelope:

their name,

rink number,

all bowlers’ names and telephone numbers ( for trace and contact requirements )

the amount of money in the envelope and how much change they need.

Skips should leave the envelopes on the table at the end of their rink.

These will be collected by whomever is running reception.

We are investigating contactless payment.


Relaxed Dress Code: Smart casual is OK

Come to the club dressed to bowl – no jeans

Tailored Shorts are allowed. No beach type coloured shorts

Change into your bowls shoes when you get to your rink


Arrival / Leaving

Do not enter the club any sooner than 30 minutes before your session start time.

Since bowlers from the previous session will have left the club – go straight to your rink. If you are early, stay in your car, or go for a socially distanced stroll.

Shoes should be changed on the sit out area above your rink. Remember social distancing whilst changing shoes. Chairs will be provided to facilitate changing your shoes and drinks.

Any personal belongings can be placed around the table on the sit out area above your rink respecting the space of other bowlers’ belongings. Please do not bring too much. 

After your game please leave the club no later than 15 minutes after your session ends.

This is to allow time for sanitising the areas before the next session and so that bowlers for the next session can enter an otherwise empty club.

Leave through the front door.

Since Lockers are now out of bounds. You must take all belongings with you when leaving the bowling hall.


Parking and Entering the Club

Park as normal.

When waiting to enter the club maintain current social distancing guidelines

Use the front door as per normal. Temperature and name will be taken.

If there is a queue please enter one at a time respecting social distancing.

Sanitise your hands using the sanitiser provided in the lobby 

There will be Office Staff or volunteers on duty until further notice.


Changing Rooms and Lockers are closed until further notice

on your First visit back … If you have "stuff" in your locker hand your locker key to the volunteer who will get it for you.  

After your game do not ask to have "stuff" put back in your locker – it won't happen.
Please take your bowls etc home with you.

We have arranged days for members to come to the club and collect bowls etc from their lockers before the 31st August. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 10.00 to 12.00.

Social Distancing Etiquette 

Use both gangways to enter the playing area and go directly onto your rink. Allow teams using middle rinks 4/5 to enter first, then 3/7 next. This will help maintain social distancing. 

No shaking hands before or after the game.  

Please be alert to maintaining social distancing during play. Stand on the bank when not your turn to bowl, remembering to maintain 1 metre between you and all other bowlers if wearing masks.

Nominate one lead and one skip per rink to do all the mat handling.

The mats have "lead" written on one end : this is to be handled by the nominated lead who will place the mat for both teams. If the opposition team has won the end the nominated lead will place the mat where directed by the other lead. The winner of the previous end will cast their jack and retrieve it at the finish of the end. If a jack is miscast the other lead will cast their jack and if miscast again the first jack is placed on the T.

Each lead will have a jack. No other player may touch that jack. If you have to touch the jack to retrieve it from the ditch then please sanitise your hands, use the wipes at the end of the rinks. Re-spots to be used and move the jack with your feet

Skips should spot the jack using their feet.

Nominated Skip should use the other end of the mat, without a mark, to remove mat at the finish of the end.

When you have delivered your wood – exit to the left. The next bowler should then access the mat (or nominated spot) from the right. The other pair should be on the rink apron.

Do not touch any woods other than your own.

One member only per rink is allowed to use the scoreboard.

When changing ends, please walk up the left-hand side of your rink, keeping 1 metre between yourself and all other bowlers.
Skips only - walk down the centre of the rink. Do not stand chatting.

When communicating with your team mates at the other end, please refrain from shouting or calling loudly. This significantly increases the risk of spreading infection. Please use hand signals.

Measure only when absolutely necessary, and do not handle either the jack or woods other than your own. Remember it’s a fun game. Only one person should be nominated to measure. All others bowlers must remember to retain 1 metre distance when a measure is occurring.

Please use the bins provided, at rink ends, to dispose of any personal rubbish.


Sanitation protocol

The person booking the rink will be responsible for disinfecting their playing area after their game has finished.

The bowler designated to use the scoreboard on each rink must sanitise the scoreboard buttons after the game with wipes provided.

The member who booked the rink is to disinfect the mats, jacks, rink table and table upon the sit out apron at the end of their game.

Disinfectant spray and blue J cloths are available on each rink table.

They are to be misted with the disinfectant spray and lightly dried with blue j cloth provided at each rink.

Mist spray item, lightly wipe with blue j cloth to remove excess liquid and leave mat and cloth hanging over the blue rail to air dry and jacks in container on the rink table.

Remember to sanitise hands when finished. Sanitiser is available at rink gangways.



We appreciate that couples come to the club but only one of them bowls: this is not a problem, unless it becomes one, at which time the situation will be reviewed.

Non bowlers are asked to sit on the chair above the rink of the player they are accompanying.


Necessary Changes to the Club's Facilities


Main Walkways

The main thoroughfares are now "no stopping zones" – if you want to stop and chat to another member do it somewhere where other members won't have to negotiate a path through, around or over you in order to maintain social distancing.


 Doors and Lights  

All internal doors will be wedged open and necessary lighting will be left on.



Use the “Disabled Toilet”.  Specific safety guidance regarding the use of these toilets will be provided within the club and on the toilet door.

Please disinfect the toilet after use. Follow instructions displayed inside toilet and on the door.

The main toilets will only be opened - on a ‘one in - one out’ basis if by just only using the Disabled Toilet proves to be a problem.

If used these will also need to be disinfected after use. Follow displayed instructions.


Tables and Chairs – reduced to essential minimum


Vending and water machines: "Not in use" For safety reasons



Volunteer’s will be manning the restaurant and will serve drinks and snack items to your bowling area. Please use the order slips on your table as normal. A limited snack menu will be used. Take your order and money to the restaurant.



Please note that under the club’s revised bye-laws it is a condition of booking a rink and accessing the club that you agree to adhere to the Covid-19 Safety Guidelines set out here.

This is for the safety of both yourself and all your fellow members.

Please note that it is a pre-condition of every member entering the Club for whatever reason that...

You agree to adhere to all guidance set out within this document.

Should you have had a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 you are now recovered and clear of infection.

You have not, as far as you know, suffered from any Covid-19 related symptoms within the last 14 days. 

You have not, as far as you know, been in contact with anyone infected or suspected of being
Infected by Covid-19 within the last 10 days.

You will inform the Directors* as soon as possible should you exhibit Covid-19 symptoms
within 14 days of visiting the Club

You consent to the Club passing on your details to the Government’s track and trace scheme should a member accessing the club at the same time as yourself go on to exhibit Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of visiting the Club.


Further, if you have cold symptoms, such as cough/sneezing/fever, or feel poorly, please do not enter the clubhouse until you feel better.


Please note that it is a necessary condition of our being allowed to re-open the club that members adhere to all guidance given. Any members unable to adhere to this guidance and any safety requests around the Club will be asked to leave the premises.


* to confidentially contact the directors please either

  1. send a web message and ask a Director to call you back
  2. send an email to the usual Club email address and ask a Director to call you back
  3. call the club on the usual number, when the club is open, and ask a Director to call you back