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Message from the Club Captain

Club Captain

Meals for forthcoming matches are shown below.  As a Prince Arthur member, if these do not suit your dietary requirements
please put a note on the match sheet on the notice board at least 48 hours before the day of the match. 
If you are unable to come into the club then please telephone Prince Arthur at least 48 hours before the day of the match to advise which alternative meal you require.

Please note that the alternative options to that listed below will always be as follows: Jacket Potato with Ham or Cheese Ham or Cheese Salad Cheese & Biscuits or Ice Cream 48 hours notice required
Date/Day Fixture Main Course Dessert Latest Date for changes

From Our Correspondent



On Sat 21/04/18, PARIBC beat Browston Hall BC, (a touring team from Norfolk), by 26 shots, (158 - 132), in an 8 rinks tea and biccies match, which was the last social match of the 2017 / 18 winter season.  The scores on the doors for each rink were as follows:-

Rink 1 = Gill Hill, Lynn Korff, Tim Fletcher, Eric Clive = WON 24 - 17
Rink 2 = Glynis Whatman, Fred Linger, Maureen Osborne, Tom Heward = WON 28 - 09 (Top PARIBC rink)
Rink 3 = Derrick Small, Harry Martin, Trevor Hill, Dot Elliott = WON 18 - 16
Rink 4 = Tony Jewell, Val Green, Dave Cook, Barry Tomlin = WON 23 - 09
Rink 5 = Christine Heward, George Hattrill, Normal Bushell, Babs Tomlin = LOST 14 - 20
Rink 6 = Sue Smith, Viv Brightman, Dave Elliott, Dave Hood = WON 21 - 15
Rink 7 = Dave Bushell, Pat Martin, Margaret Head, Linda Hoare = LOST 16 - 22
Rink 8 = Val Cook, Heather Allan, Dave Green, Dave Sutherland = LOST 14 - 24

After Fri nights superb bingo and quiz night at the Club, (thanks to the efforts chiefly of the dodgy builder and dodgy fashion icon, namely Kevin Farrell and John Lake, well done chaps and to all those who turned up and supported the event!), Sat morning saw the new Directors get their photos taken, as both Trevor Hill and Harry Martin were resplendent in tie and blazer, (I think this was the first time they have ever worn such items of clothing!), so much so that they resembled the night club bouncers, “The Management”, as portrayed by comedy duo Hale and Pace! And after all that, we had a game to play against a touring team from Norfolk, which turned out to be one of the most sociable afternoons seen at the Club in recent years!

Rink 1 saw Gill and Lynn both bowl very well, despite what they might say, to carry the non bowler at 3 and the new summer captain at skip.  Rink 2 was always going to be top rink as the fixture had been sorted out by Glynis with her new male admirers from Norfolk, (they now have each others home phone numbers, enough said!).  Fred, or should that be Ted, was on to a winner thanks to him buying me a pint, much appreciated, Maureen promised to stop talking, (famous last words!), if she was top rink and Tom was………well, just Tom!  Rink 3 saw “The Management” and Del boy kept in order by, (and probably scared of!), HRH Dorothy, as they came out on top, in a tight, close game.  The Captains rink eased to a comfortable win as squirrel Cook returned to bowling.  Great to see you back with a wood in your hand Dave!  Rink 4 at tea were 11 - 0 up and looking comfortable, only to fall to the old adage, that it all changes after tea, which it sadly did.  Rink 6 saw the two beauties, Sue and Viv, carry the two Dave beasts to victory after they were behind for a long stage of the game, obviously the skips new Potters holiday hair cut wasn’t working?!  Rinks 7 and 8 fought valiantly, but all in vain, as both rinks were beaten, but no worries as we shall just let the 2 skips carry the can for the losses!

As said, this was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, with the noise levels and good humoured banter on all rinks and off the green, resonating from as soon as the Oppo arrived, until well after they left.  Thus the good name of PARIBC was well promoted and enhanced today, so thanks to all for that!  A presentation of gifts that money just can’t buy, was made to Barry Tomlin, as he is leaving the club, for all that he has done.  Ta ever so, for all your hard work!  Many thanks to Nicola and Adrian for the tea and biccies, Sue Smifffffffff for doing the bar and Dave Hood for fixing the broken raffle machine, although it still doesn’t work, as the Oppo numbers continue to be drawn as winners!

Kind regards, your correspondent, a man whose voice has gone and can only dream of having vocal chords like Maureen Osborne!



On Sun 22/04/18, the PARIBC President’s side, (heavily loaded or what?!), beat the PARIBC Captain’s side by 76 shots, (180 - 104), in an 8 triples / rinks meal match and in doing so, regained the Life Presidents Trophy and the scores on the doors for each rink were as follows, (P = President’s teams first followed by, C = Captain’s teams scores):-

Rink 1   P - Ron Jordan, Harry Martin, Malcolm Clark = 19 / C - Alex Routen, Tim Fletcher, Linda Hoare = 11
Rink 2   P - Sue Smith, Glynis Whatman, Graham Hubbard, Eric Clive = 22 / C - Gill Hill, Sue Whittaker, Joe Major, Babs Tomlin = 18
Rink 3   P - Mick Smith, Maureen Osborne, Ron Lawrenson, Dot Elliott = 31 / C - Viv Brightman, Trevor Hill, Dave Cook, Lynette Stock = 08
Rink 4   P - Jim Masters, Roy Baston, Kevin Farrell = 13 / C - Janet Thompson, Derrick Small, Barry Tomlin = 14
Rink 5   P - Doreen Langley, Ray Webster, Tom Heward = 20 / C - Christine Heward, Pearl Turner Giles, John Langley = 13
Rink 6   P - Lesley Clark, Tony Jewell, Patrick O’Meara, Normal Bushell = 35 (Top Prez rink) / C - Val Cook, Jean Lacey, Vic Jordan = 07
Rink 7   P - Margaret Jordan, Dave Green, Margaret Head = 26 / C - Fred Martineau, Val Green, Dave Hood = 12
Rink 8   P - Irene Ashby, Terry Marsh, Dave Elliott = 14 / C - Dave Bushell, Dave Clare, Dave Sutherland = 21 (Top Capt rink)

Another enjoyable and noisy afternoon panned out as the winter season was brought to a close.  On rink 1, the triple representing the Prez’s side all bowled very well and accurately in their victory and it didn’t help that Linda had a bad cold, which meant that she had more of a runny nose, than running woods, box of hankies anyone?  Rink 2 was all about flowers and hair care products, as Graham wanted to know all the info from gardener Joe and the ladies, rather than who was holding shot and when Eric threw down 2 wrong biases in a row, bowls took a back seat!  Rink 3 saw the rink representing the Capt’s side, take a bit of a pasting in terms of bowling and talking!  On rink 4, the dodgy builder and rogue trader, now known as JOE Farrell, a rich man, after his huge win at the bookies on Sat in the Scottish Grand National, courtesy of a tip from an unnamed source, (who he still hasn’t thanked!), lost by 1 shot to the outgoing Club captain playing his last game for PARIBC.  Rink 5 was all about style, grace and elegance, (ladies) and a general throw back to the good old days of bowls, (men)!  Rink 6 saw stormin Norm lead his side to a massive, stonking victory and this rink also saw wrong biases bowled by Vic and Patrick No’Hairo as Jim called him!  On rink 7, the 2 Madge’s team had an easy victory over the bread maker’s side, who all lost the will to live after Hovis went into the story of losing his phone overnight!  And on rink 8, Dave was the order of the day, as Dave the Hat beat Dave the Chairman, with some other Dave’s looking on in the background!

Many thanks to all who chipped into the Club’s birthday loose change pot, in the various raffles and spiders that were run.  Yes, yes, yes,  we all know the organizer is a huge pain in the behind always asking for dosh, etc., but next year, you, the PARIBC members will get a chance to win back all the monies collected.  So the more in the pot, the bigger the pay out.  And perhaps a bit of justice or is it karma, as Terry “Not another bl**dy spider, I hate ‘em!” Marsh, only went and won the last spider of the day, run under normal rules!  The guess the number of sweets in a jar was won by Jean Lacey, which drew the biggest smile of the day from her other half Roy Baston, as now, he not only doesn’t have to get her flowers, he doesn’t have to buy her any sweets either!  Top result said a brave Roy as he left, but remembered to check the car to see that Jean was in it, before exiting the car park!

Many thanks Nicola, Adrian and boys / girls in the kitchen for the food and to Katie for doing the bar.  Thanks also to Fran, Gloria, Janet and Shirley, for their support and for being good sports by taking part in the spider, along with top kitchen floor cleaner, Adrian.  And after my superb efforts at hoovering the restaurant carpet on Sat, you can now eat your dinner off both surfaces, they are that clean!  We know our place!

And that is it, another winter season done and dusted as the rain falls, it must now be summer!  Thanks to all who have played and supported the Club both on and off the green during the winter season, in all its facets.  Too many to mention, but your efforts have been appreciated.  We look forward to reading the match reports from new summer captain Eric Clive, who apparently writes them on the back of a fag packet and then next winter season, we look forward to reading the match reports to be written by the new Club captain, Linda Hoare.  Make sure your spelling is korekt, to make website manager Malcom’s job easier!

If you are off to Potters with Club next week, have a great time, but don’t forget my postcard and pressie!  Enjoy your summer bowling indoors and / or outdoors and all the very best to the PARIBC for the future.  It has been a blast, I love you all, but, Sevenoaks IBC, here I come!

Kind regards, your correspondent, a man with nothing more left to say.  “Hurrah” they all cry!!!



Now I know stats don’t always paint a true picture, but they are there in black and white and as such for your delectation, delight and utter boredom, below and attached, are the all important facts and figures for the 2017 / 18 social match winter season, which has just been completed.  The Club had a very good season and from the 31 matches played, only lost 3 matches, (and these 3 were all under different captains on those particular days).

Huge thanks go to Barry Tomlin who captained the Club this year and did very well and we wish him all the best as he ventures to pastures, (and greens!), new, when he joins Bromley IBC at the start of the next winter season.  The hard work and effort he has put in this year and also in previous years in his other roles, cannot be underestimated.  He has been ably assisted by his better half Babs, who he readily admits, “did all the work”, (we already knew that, ho, ho!) and helped also by the Chairman Dave Elliott, which has meant that, politics aside, (the same as you get at any club!), the season has run relatively smoothly and successfully.

Thanks to all those 95 members who turned out to represent the Club and to all those who helped Barry with the numerous “other” jobs, that made it easier for him to get on with his role as Captain.  Biggest thanks go to Nicola and Adrian and boys / girls in the kitchen for the meals all winter and to Sue Smith, (Bar manageress) and her helpers, Katie Hilder, Babs Tomlin, Malcolm Clark and Dot Elliott, to name but a few.  Also mention must be given to the regular lady supporters, ney “groupies”, Janet Small, Gloria Smith and Fran Sutherland who came to nearly all the matches, not only watching and supporting, (in between chatting and knitting, ho, ho!), but helping at times with the drinks and with the meal tables.  And thanks to those who drove / gave lifts to the only away game, at the start of the season and if I have forgotten anybody for roles, then apologies, but thanks to you as well!  Much appreciated!

Next season the leadership reins are passed on to a lady, to lead us, namely Linda Hoare.  So gentlemen, “stand by your beds” and we wish her well in her tenure as Captain.  Enjoy your summer, whether it be indoors and / or outdoors and please continue to support the Club, (it needs you!) and roll on late September, when the new winter season starts!

Up the Arthur!

Kind regards, from your correspondent, a man who brings nothing to the Club but a loud, annoying, shouty voice!!!




Of the scheduled 35 matches in the 2017 / 18 Winter season, PARIBC played 31 matches, (30 home / 1 away), won 28 matches, (27 home / 1 away), lost 3 matches, (3 home / 0 away) and 4 matches were cancelled and 95 different members represented the Club in these matches, of which 36 of those members, played in at least 9, (approx. a quarter), or more of the scheduled matches.  Tim Fletcher was the only member to play in all 31 matches, closely followed by Tony Jewell who played in 30, Derrick Small who played in 26 and Barry Tomlin who played in 24.

In the “Player Of The Season” competition, (you had to play at least 9 matches and then your best 9 scores were taken), the winner was Derrick Small, who just pipped Babs Tomlin by 1 shot, with Tony Jewel in third place and top 5 were as follows:-

1st. Derrick Small = played 26 matches; total shots scored in all matches = 577; total shots scored in best 9 matches = 267.
2nd Babs Tomlin = played 22 matches; total shots scored in all matches = 472; total shots scored in best 9 matches = 266.
3rd. Tony Jewell = played 30 matches; total shots scored in all matches = 644; total shots scored in best 9 matches = 264.
4th. Dave Hood = played 20 matches; total shots scored in all matches = 472; total shots scored in best 9 matches = 262.
5th. Tim Fletcher = played 31 matches; total shots scored in all matches = 651; total shots scored in best 9 matches = 258.
















In the “Shots Difference” competition, (you had to play at least 9 matches and then your best 9 scores were taken), we had joint winners with Derrick Small and Babs Tomlin and Tony Jewell was in third place and top 5 were as follows:-

1st Derrick Small = total shots difference scored in best 9 matches = 193
1st Babs Tomlin = total shots difference scored in best 9 matches = 193
3rd Tony Jewell = total shots difference scored in best 9 matches = 189
4th Dave Hood = total shots difference scored in best 9 matches = 181
5th Rose Gibson = total shots difference scored in best 9 matches = 179


SAT 30/09/2017 RINKS (6) GRATTONS IBC 99 P.A.R. IBC 136 PARIBC WON by 37 shots Val Cook, Tony Jewell, Dave Elliott, Dot Elliott
SUN 08/10/2017 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 128 FORD SPORTS BC 65 PARIBC WON by 63 shots Derrick Small, Tim Fletcher, Linda Hoare
WED 11/10/2017 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 133 KINGFISHER BC 70 PARIBC WON by 63 shots Sue Smith, Allan Buchan, Dot Elliot
SAT 21/10/2017 RINKS (6) P.A.R. IBC 128 LONDON SEC. ASSOC. BC 86 PARIBC WON by 42 shots Tony Jewell, Mick Smith, Tim Fletcher, Dave Cook
SUN 22/10/2017 RINKS (6) P.A.R. IBC 189 THAMES SPORTS BC 55 PARIBC WON by 144 shots Bryan Allen, Dave Green, Rose Gibson, Dave Cook
THURS 26/10/2017 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 152 WROTHAM BC 66 PARIBC WON by 86 shots Bryan Allen, Derrick Small, Tony Jewell
SAT 28/10/2017 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 98 BECKENHAM & BROMLEY BC 79 PARIBC WON by 19 shots Barry Tomlin, Dave Sutherland, Kevin Edwards
SUN 29/10/2017 RINKS (6) P.A.R. IBC 119 GRATTONS IBC 95 PARIBC WON by 24 shots Jean Lacey, Bill Howlett, Tony Jewel, Dave Hood
SAT 04/11/2017 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 103 QUEENBOROUGH BC 64 PARIBC WON by 39 shots Doreen Langley, Dave Sutherland, John Langley
SUN 05/11/2017 TRIPLES (7) P.A.R. IBC 141 KINGS BC 95 PARIBC WON by 46 shots Tony Jewell, Val Cook, Dave Hood
SUN 26/11/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 124 CLIFFE BC 83 PARIBC WON by 41 shots Babs Tomlin, Ron Gee, Barry Tomlin
SUN 03/12/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 196 CIVIL SERVICE BC 74 PARIBC WON by 122 shots Margaret Jordan, Ron Gee, Babs Tomlin
THURS 07/12/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 107 KENT POLICE BC 77 PARIBC WON by 30 shots Fred Martineau, Tim Fletcher, Alan Buchan
SAT 09/12/2017 TRIPLES (5) P.A.R. IBC 124 DARTFORD INVICTA BC 54 PARIBC WON by 70 shots Derrick Small, Ron Gee, Babs Tomlin
SUN 07/01/2018 TRIPLES (8) P.A.R. IBC 149 KINGS BC 107 PARIBC WON by 36 shots Val Green, John Sheepwash, Dave Hood
SAT 13/01/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 121 FORD SPORTS BC 85 PARIBC WON by 42 shots Lynn Korff, Derrick Small, Babs Tomlin
THURS 25/01/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 140 WROTHAM BC 70 PARIBC WON by 70 shots Brian Viney, Dean Carpenter, Dot Elliott
WED 31/01/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 99 ROCHESTER BLIND BOWLERS BC 112 PARIBC LOST by 13 shots Lesley Clark, Derrick Small, Eric Clive
SAT 03/02/2018 RINKS (8) P.A.R. IBC 186 THAMESIDE WANDERERS BC 98 PARIBC WON by 88 shots Lynn Korff, Fred Linger, Dave Sutherland, Dave Hood
SUN 04/02/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 133 CLIFFE BC 75 PARIBC WON by 58 shots Derrick Small, Mick Smith, Dot Elliott
SAT 10/02/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 87 DARTFORD INVICTA BC 94 PARIBC LOST by 07 shots Margaret Jordan, Derrick Small, Babs Tomlin
SUN 18/02/2018 TRIPLES (7) P.A.R. IBC 190 QUEENBOROUGH BC 66 PARIBC WON by 124 shots Glynis Whatman, Trevor Hill, Dave Cook
SAT 24/02/2018 RINKS (8) P.A.R. IBC 187 THAMESIDE WANDERERS BC 102 PARIBC WON by 85 shots Deidre Williams, Dave Green, Margaret Head, Lynette Stock
SAT 10/03/2018 TRIPLES (7) P.A.R. IBC 137 LENHAM BC 94 PARIBC WON by 43 shots Mick Smith, Maureen Osborne, Dave Hood
SUN 11/03/2018 RINKS (6) P.A.R. IBC 123 THAMESIDE WANDERERS BC 91 PARIBC WON by 32 shots Lesley Clark, Val Green, Tony Jewell, Dave Hood
SUN 18/03/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 105 HAVERING BC 83 PARIBC WON by 22 shots Mick Smith, Trevor Hill, Rose Gibson
THURS 22/03/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 91 BECKENHAM & BROMLEY BC 82 PARIBC WON by 09 shots Derrick Small, Jim Coleman, Dave Elliott
SUN 25/03/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 139 FORD SPORTS BC 80 PARIBC WON by 59 shots Tony Jewell, Malcolm Clark, Babs Tomlin
THURS 12/04/2018 TRIPLES (6) P.A.R. IBC 133 KENT POLICE BC 73 PARIBC WON by 60 shots Christine Heward, Malcolm Clark, Ken Millington
SAT 14/04/2018 TRIPLES (8) P.A.R. IBC 114 THURROCK & DISTRICT BC 138 PARIBC LOST by 24 shots Val Green, Ron Lawrenson, Tom Heward
SAT 21/04/2018 RINKS (8) P.A.R. IBC 158 BROWSTON HALL IBC 132 PARIBC WON by 26 shots Glynis Whatman, Fred Linger, Maureen Osborne, Tom Heward


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