Winter Fixtures 2019/2020  (Updated 5th November 15:30hrs)

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The club will be closed for lockdown from Thursday 5th November. 
The last game will be Wednesday evening roll up 18.30 till 21.00.



Meals for forthcoming matches are shown below.  As a Prince Arthur member, if these do not suit your dietary requirements
please put a note on the match sheet on the notice board at least 48 hours before the day of the match. 
If you are unable to come into the club then please telephone Prince Arthur at least 48 hours before the day of the match to advise which alternative meal you require.

Please note that the alternative options to that listed below will always be as follows: Jacket Potato with Ham or Cheese Ham or Cheese Salad Cheese & Biscuits or Ice Cream 48 hours notice required
Date/Day Fixture Main Course Dessert Latest Date for changes


Latest Team Selections
Please refer to the meal options above.  Remember that any changes need to be confirmed at least 48 hours before the matches.




Tim's reports on all the friendly matches, Internal or against other Clubs, will be shown on this page:-

SOCIAL NIGHT 3 – TUES 03/11/2020.

With the imminent second lockdown looming this week, it was decided to bring the social night forward by a week and last night, saw the 3rd event take place.  The usual hard work and efforts of Lynette Stock and John Lake, were rewarded by a bigger turn out, so thanks to all those members and friends who turned out to support it.  Our delightful double act of organizers, certainly crammed a lot into the 2 hours last night, with the usual bingo, cards bingo and a 4 round quiz and name the flag competition, all keeping us and our brains, busy.  The quiz winners were the table of Val and Dave Green and Meg and Dave Risbridger and it was also these two lovely ladies, Val and Meg, who were the big bingo winners on the last game, so congrats to them.  As said before, bingo and quizzes might not do it for you, but the evenings are very social and certainly provide a good laugh, during these troubled times, along with bringing in some much needed revenue into the PARIBC coffers.  More myriad stories from Mr Lake, our genial host, certainly kept us amused, or should that be, our “genitalia” host, after one tale of an incident with a French exchange student, a jock strap, a surfboard and an injury to a mid to lower body, male part???!!!  A case of one hung low, or was that just the name of the 2s / 6d Margate tortoise?!  If we do come out of lockdown in December, then it is hoped that the next social night will be on Tuesday 08th December 2020, but watch this space, as to how the next 4 weeks pan out.  Stay safe one and all – PARIBC (04/11/20).



Saturday 31st October 2020 - PARIBC Ladies = 84 v PARIBC Men = 109.

Another close fought game at the weekend, in this annual match, but the socially distanced trick or treat revelries, went the way of the PARIBC Men, by 25 shots, who won on all but one of the 6 rinks. The only winning Ladies rink was skipped by Patricia Wells, (with Irene Ashby and Sue Whitaker), but the game, (sorry, afternoon of chat!), on their rink, went on so long, that the Club had already gone into lockdown before it had been completed, so their rink score was declared void! The top men’s rink was skipped by Eric Clive, who was with Phil Stradling and Normal Bushell. All in all, a very enjoyable afternoon of social bowls and fun, but the high spirits and feel good mood was deflated, by the inevitable news, late in the day, that the Country would be going back into lockdown from Thursday, meaning the Club will be closed once again and for how long, is anybody’s guess? Unfortunately, as they say, it is, what it is, we knew it was coming and we have to roll with it, but we do have to thank all those volunteers at the Club, who have put in the hard work and effort, for the past 10 weeks of “good times”, (since re – opening) and got us back to a bit of normality, if only on the bowls front at least. We look forward to these times returning, either next month or early in the new Year. For today’s match thanks go to Sonia Bignell and Linda Hoare for doing the teas and cakes and to Pam Fincher for doing the bar. I would also like to thank Jenny and Derek Abbot, Eric Clive, Mick Day, Lina Foster, Doreen and John Langley, Mike Smith, Brenda and Len Troost, who generously gave over a shed full of 1p, 2p, 5p shrapnel for the PARIBC pot, very much appreciated ladies and gents!

 Stay safe – Tim Fletcher (02/11/2020).


Colour Code
PARIBC Friendly Matches   PARIBC Club Events   Ladies Kent League Matches   Men's Kent League Matches   County Matches
Date/Day Fixture Food Game W/G Time H/A
November 2019            
2 Sat Queenborough Meal Won  128 - 84 G 1400 Home
3 Sun Kings Meal Won  117 - 77 G 1400 Home
7 Thurs PARIBC v Mxd County (30th Anniversary) Meal Lost  142 - 181 W 1300 Home
8 Fri PARIBC v Kingfisher (30th Anniversary) Meal Won  104 - 93 G 1300 Home
10 Sun PARIBC v Mxd Clubs (30th Anniversary) Meal Won  156 - 139 W 1400 Home
14 Thurs Medway Bowls Assoc Meal Won  124 - 78 G 1430 Home
16 Sat London Secretaries Meal Draw  111 - 111 G 1400 Home
23 Sat Ford Sport Basildon Meal Won  106 - 71 G 1400 Home
December 2019            
5 Thurs Kent Police Meal Lost  76 - 100 G 1430 Home
8 Sun Civil Service Meal Won  145 - 114 G 1400 Home
14 Sat Winget Meal Won  142 - 101 G 1400 Home
January 2020            
11 Sat Ford Sports Basildon Meal Won  92 - 88 G 1400 Home
23 Thurs Wrotham T/B Won  111 - 101 G 1430 Home
25 Sat Winget Meal Won  135 - 102 G 1400 Home
30 Thurs Blind Bowlers Meal Won  103 - 38 G 1430 Home
February 2020            
1 Sat Boughton  (New) Meal Won 163 - 60 G 1400 Home
2 Sun Cliffe Meal Won  157 - 77 G 1400 Home
15 Sat Kings Meal Won  135 - 77  G 1400 Home
16 Sun Queenborough Meal Won  138 - 51 G 1400 Home
22 Sat Ford Sport Basildon Meal Won  102 - 77  G 1400 Home
March 2020            
1 Sun Civil Service Meal Won 143 - 128 G 1400 Home
5 Thurs Thurrock Meal G 1430 Home
7 Sat Lenham Meal Won  105 - 87 G 1400 Home
14 Sat Havering Meal Lost  89 - 117 G 1400 Home
19 Thurs Beckenham & Bromley Meal G 1430 Home
28 Sat President's Trophy Meal G 1400 Home
April 2020            
1 Wed Sevenoaks Men Meal 6 Mens Rinks W 1400 Away
1 Wed Royal Tunbridge Wells Ladies Meal W 1400 Home
2 Thurs KCLIBA President's game Meal W 1430 Home
4 Sat KCLIBA Finals   W 1000 Home
8 Wed Mote Park Ladies Meal W 1400 Home
8 Wed AGM          
9 Thurs Kent Police Meal G 1430 Home
10 Fri GOOD FRIDAY          
12 Sun EASTER SUNDAY          
13 Mon


18 Sat CLUB FINALS   W 1000 Home
19 Sun CLUB FINALS   W 1000 Home
20 Mon

Winter Season ends and Summer Season starts

Mon 8 May 

May Bank Holiday