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please put a note on the match sheet on the notice board at least 48 hours before the day of the match. 
If you are unable to come into the club then please telephone Prince Arthur at least 48 hours before the day of the match to advise which alternative meal you require

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From Our Summer Captain

Summer Captain's Fixture Reports

On Wednesday 6th September PARIBC played their last 2017 Summer fixture away to Ashford, (now known as the ice rink), in a 6 triples match.  We started a little late due to 2 Ashford players forgetting that they were playing.

Finally the game got underway with the first 2 ends tied at 6-6 things looked good, but by 9 ends PARIBC was 50-64 down, losing the match 89-122.

Rink 1   B. Mercer, T. Jewell, J. Mercer Lost 9-19
Rink 2   C. Heward, T. Fletcher, C. Webster Lost 13-24
Rink 3   G. Whatman, D. Carpenter, JB Tomlin Won 19-12
Rink 4   V. Hart, A. Hart, M. Clark Won 30-10 (Top PARIBC Rink)
Rink 5    L. Clark, D. Sutherland, J. Bowman Lost 7-28
Rink 6   W. Howlett, K. Martin, E. Clive Lost 11-29.

Thank you to everybody that played & those who gave lifts.

Well with another Summer Season over, & my last as Summer Captain, I would like to thank all the members, Dot, Tim, Dave Hood & Babs for their continued support plus Malcolm & Lesley who, over the last 4 years, have had to read this dribble & make it into readable English.  My thanks also go to my Vice Captain over the last 4 years, Dave Elliott, & I look forward to working with him again this coming Winter season & hopefully many more. Anyone I have forgotten please accept my apologies.

Good luck to all the competition finalist on Saturday afternoon & those in the Summer Tournament on Sunday.  Please arrive by 9:45am for a 10:00am start.

After this Babs & I are off for a weeks holiday, before returning for the open weekend. Please bring your family & friends to one of the open days they will enjoy it.

Till the Winter Season 



Now I know stats don’t always paint a true picture, but they are there in black and white and as such for your delectation, delight and utter boredom, below and attached, are the all important facts and figures for the 2017 summer season which has just been completed.

Some great days at home, at the first class venue that is the Prince Arthur bowl - a - drome stadium, coupled with many an enjoyable day out on the road on our travels, where despite results not always going our way, I would like to think that all those who played and represented PARIBC, showed the Club in a good light and enhanced our social side, which I think is quite good, but I would, as I am biased anyway, (unlike the amount of wrong biases bowled by Dave(s), Hood and Sutherland!).  As well as all, hopefully enjoying themselves.

Huge thanks go to Captain Barry Tomlin, in this his last year as Summer Captain, as he now gets to concentrate on his role as Club Captain and the joy of the winter fixtures.  His efforts cannot be underestimated and backed up by the hard work and even harder efforts of his far better half, Babs and ably assisted by the Chairman, Dave Elliott, have meant that the season has been a success.  Yes, people have been upset at times and this year has seen more toys and prams commotion, than the baby section at Hamley’s toy shop, but at times, being Captain is a thankless task and means that you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Luckily Bazza has broad shoulders, (as well as plenty of other broader bits!) and any upset caused has not been done intentionally and after a week or so, the waters are normally smoothed………before the next crisis arises!

Thanks to all those 67 members who turned out to represent the Club and to all those who helped Barry with the numerous jobs that make it easier for him for him to get on with his role as Captain.  Biggest thanks go to the caterers, Nicola and Adrian for the meals and tea and biccies all summer and to all those who did bar duties, including, Sue Smith, Babs Tomlin, Katie Hilder, Dot Elliott and Malcolm Clark, to name but a few.  And thanks to all those who drove and gave lifts for the away games, much appreciated.  If I have forgotten anybody else for roles, then thanks to you as well!

Next year, we need a new Summer Captain, so if you fancy it, speak to Barry or any of the Directors and they will tell you about it, help you and support you.  It is not as onerous as perhaps is painted and it can be fun and besides, we do not want the worst bowler in the Club to take on the role.  Anybody, please, but him!

Enjoy your winter, please continue to support the Club, (we need you!), Happy Chrimbo and all the best for the New Year!

Up the Arthur!

Kind regards, from your correspondent, a non - bowler of the highest order!





Of the scheduled 20 matches in the 2017 Summer season, PARIBC played all 20 matches, (10 home / 10 away), won 08 matches, (07 home / 01 away), lost 11 matches, (02 home / 09 away), and drew 01 match, (01 home).  No matches were cancelled and 67 different members represented the Club in these matches, of which 40 of those members, played in at least 05, (a quarter), or more of the matches.  Captain Barry Tomlin was the only member to play in all 20 matches, closely followed by Tim Fletcher who played in 19, Dave Sutherland who played in 15.5, Keith Martin who played in 15 and Babs Tomlin who played in 14.

In the unofficial “Player Of The Season” comp, (you had to play at least 05 matches and then your best 5 scores were taken), we had joint winners with Barry Tomlin and Arthur Hart top of the equal first place.  Deidre Williams was third, Dave Hood was fourth and Val Hart was fifth.

1st. Barry Tomlin = played 20 matches; total shots scored in all matches = 381; total shots scored in best 5 matches = 127.

1st.  Arthur Hart = played 10 matches; total shots scored in all matches = 194; total shots scored in best 5 matches = 127.

3rd. Deidre Williams = played 9 matches; total shots scored in all matches = 181; total shots scored in best 5 matches = 122.

4th. Dave Hood = played 10 matches; total shots scored in all matches = 182; total shots scored in best 5 matches = 119.

5th. Val Hart = played 12 matches; total shots scored in all matches = 196; total shots scored in best 5 matches = 118.


Prince Arthur Road Indoor Bowls Club - Summer Season 2017.   
Of the scheduled 20 matches, the Club played 20, won 08, lost 11 and drew 01 and 67 different members represented the Club in these matches.
1 WED 03/05/2017 TRIPLES (6) HOME P.A.R. IBC 148 ASHFORD IBC 47 PARIBC WON by 101 shots Irene Ashby, Lesley Clark/(David Sutherland), Tony Jewell
2 SAT 06/05/2017 TRIPLES (7) HOME P.A.R. IBC 114 ANGEL IBC 107 PARIBC WON by 07 shots Jim Green, Madge Head, Terry Marsh
3 SAT 03/06/2017 TRIPLES (8) AWAY P.A.R. IBC 154 HAVERING IBC 116 PARIBC WON by 38 shots Deidre Williams, Patricia Wells, Mike Williams
4 WED 07/06/2017 TRIPLES (6) HOME P.A.R. IBC 118 SWALE IBC 78 PARIBC WON by 40 shots Glynis Whatman, Dave Bushell, Dot Elliott
5 SAT 10/06/2017 RINKS (6) AWAY P.A.R. IBC 87 ADUR IBC 137 PARIBC LOST by 50 shots Deidre Williams, Trevor Bright, Tim Fletcher, Lynette Stock
6 SAT 17/06/2017 TRIPLES (6) HOME P.A.R. IBC 72 OYSTER IBC 122 PARIBC LOST by 50 shots Jim Masters, Glynis Whatman, Barry Tomlin
7 WED 21/06/2017 TRIPLES (6) AWAY P.A.R. IBC 92 SEVENOAKS IBC 121 PARIBC LOST by 29 shots Jim Masters, Dean Carpenter, Barry Tomlin
8 WED 28/06/2017 TRIPLES (7) HOME P.A.R. IBC 95 WHITEOAKS IBC 124 PARIBC LOST by 29 shots Jim Masters, Keith Martin, Malcolm Clark
9 SAT 01/07/2017 RINKS (6) AWAY P.A.R. IBC 88 ANGEL IBC 122 PARIBC LOST by 34 shots Luke Bramwell, Keith Martin, Carol Webster, David Hood
10 WED 05/07/2017 TRIPLES (6) AWAY P.A.R. IBC 96 SWALE IBC 113 PARIBC LOST by 17 shots Dean Carpenter, Roy Alderson, Barry Tomlin
11 SAT 08/07/2017 TRIPLES (7) HOME P.A.R. IBC 110 HAVERING IBC 107 PARIBC WON by 03 shots Deidre Williams, Madge Head, Terry Marsh
12 WED 12/07/2017 TRIPLES (8) AWAY P.A.R. IBC 105 MOTE PARK IBC 174 PARIBC LOST by 69 shots Norman Bushell, Glynis Whatman, Malcolm Clark
13 SAT 15/07/2017 TRIPLES (6) AWAY P.A.R. IBC 73 OYSTER IBC 118 PARIBC LOST by 45 shots Deidre Williams, Brian Viney, Barry Tomlin
14 SAT 29/07/2017 RINKS (8) HOME P.A.R. IBC 160 ADUR IBC 160 MATCH DRAWN John Bee, Arthur Hart, Brian Viney, Barry Tomlin
15 WED 02/08/2017 TRIPLES (6) AWAY P.A.R. IBC 71 WHITEOAKS IBC 105 PARIBC LOST by 34 shots Bernie Mercer, Patricia Wells, John Mercer
16 SAT 05/08/2017 TRIPLES (6) HOME P.A.R. IBC 102 SWALE IBC 81 PARIBC WON by 21 shots Bill Howlett, Maureen Osborne, Dot Elliott
17 SAT 19/08/2017 TRIPLES (5) HOME P.A.R. IBC 125 MOTE PARK IBC 53 PARIBC WON by 72 shots Val Cook, David Sutherland, David Hood
18 SAT 26/08/2017 TRIPLES (6) HOME P.A.R. IBC 99 SEVENOAKS IBC 80 PARIBC WON by 18 shots Lesley Clark, Graham Hubbard, Barry Tomlin
19 SAT 02/09/2017 TRIPLES (6) AWAY P.A.R. IBC 96 SWALE IBC 106 PARIBC LOST by 10 shots Bernie Mercer, Alan Head, John Mercer
20 WED 06/09/2017 TRIPLES (6) AWAY P.A.R. IBC 89 ASHFORD IBC 122 PARIBC LOST by 33 shots Val Hart, Arthur Hart, Malcolm Clark

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