(Updated 21st February 16:00hrs)

2018 - 2019 WINTER SEASON



Prince Arthur IBC

Club Competition Rules

All competitors must be available to play on Finals weekend of 6th/7th Apr 2019

If during the course of the Competitions you find you will not be available on Finals weekend you will be required to concede before the Semi Final round.

The 1st name on all competition draws will be the Challenger. They must offer their opponent at least 2 dates to play before each round closing date.

All Pairs and Mixed Competitions have fixed dates applied. This is to save players trying to arrange games. If you are unable to play on these dates

you must contact your opponent and arrange to play before the given date.ASAP

All other competitions are play by dates, and each round must be completed by the given date.

All games are to be played to a finish. To keep time to a minimum we will be using the spots on the green either side of the T mark. So if the jack is driven off to

the side of the rink ( but not into the ditch ) the jack will be replaced on the nearest spot.

It is intended that all competition Semi Finals will be completed by the 27th March so that we have plenty of time to arrange the Finals weekend.

 Both Ladies and Mens Singles Finals will be played on Sun 7th April

Your cooperation in abiding by these rules will help the competitions to run smoothly 

Many thanks

Mick Day

Competition Secretary

 There have been some changes made to the timings and schedules of some of the matches.  Please check for the latest updates. 
Please also take note of the PLAY ON AND PLAY BY DATES.



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Ladies Drawn Triples     Play On Date Friday 1st March 6.30pm

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Mens Drawn Triples    Play On Date Friday 8th March 6.30pm

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