Ladies Section


Captain: Deidre Williams

Vice Captain : Pat Wells

Secretary: Margaret Slipper

Committee: Jackie Spice – Irene Ashby – Dot Elliott – Sylvia Day – Lynette Stock – Soozie Moreton – Janice Hatcher

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Ladies v Royals

In our latest game in the league, we travelled to Tunbridge Wells to play the ladies from Royals yesterday, 29 November 2023.

We started very well considering the difference between our green and theirs, taking a 6 shot lead after 5 ends.   Unfortunately, by 10 ends the Royals had overcome this deficit and had a lead of 13 shots overall.  Three of our rinks were competing well, with one of those playing against 3 ladies instead of 4.  This meant that the Royals had to concede 25% of their total on this rink.  Unfortunately, it didn’t give us a win but we did manage wins on two of our other rinks.

Final Score:  Prince Arthur 72  Royals 89

This gave us a good 4 points at a difficult venue and we’ll have the opportunity to reverse this result when the Royals visit us in April next year.

Our game next week against Whiteoak has been cancelled by them but it is hoped that this will be rearranged.

On 13 December we welcome Ashford at home which gives us the chance to reverse the outcome of our first game of the season.


Vice Captain

Ladies v KCLIBA

On Thursday, 23 November 2023, we welcomed the ladies from Kent County Ladies Indoor Bowls Association (KCLIBA) to Prince Arthur for a friendly match. The ladies represent clubs within the county to make up a KCLIBA team, who then visit and play against clubs such as ourselves.  

Unfortunately, with only 21 ladies to represent Prince Arthur and with the agreement of KCLIBA, we ‘asked very nicely’ 3 gentlemen from Prince Arthur to join us and make up 6 rinks.

It was a very enjoyable game and we took the lead and held on to it up until 15 ends, with an 11 shot advantage. During the last 3 ends, KCLIBA managed to overtake us and held on with the final score being Prince Arthur 97 KCLIBA 106.

Our thanks to Tim Fletcher, Brian Gee and Ray Ecclestone for agreeing to play.  As far as I’m aware they have survived!

Again after the match, we enjoyed a tasty meal from Gemma and Maxine.

Thanks also to Pam for the bar service.

Our next Kent League game is next Wednesday, 29 November at 2 pm against Tunbridge Wells. Please note the coach leaves at 12.15 pm for this match and not 12.30 pm

Pat Vice Captain

Ladies V Angel

Yesterday, 15 November 2023, we travelled to Tonbridge to pay against Angel ladies.

The match was played on 5 rinks and after the usual one shot on the first 2 ends, we had a lead of 6 shots after 5 ends. This had turned around after 10 ends with Angel having a 7 shot lead. The pattern continued over the next few ends until 3 rinks had completed 15 ends, when the score was even at 54 shots each. So all to play for over the final ends and I’m very pleased to say we came out as winners by 4 shots.

Final score: Prince Arthur 73 Angel 69

We won on 3 rinks giving us a total of 8 points of the 12 available.

We do have a break from the league with no game next Wednesday. However, we have a game arranged for next Thursday, 23 November 2023 at 2.00 pm against KCLIBA (Kent County Ladies Indoor Bowls Association). This is a friendly game so a good opportunity to meet ladies from other clubs in Kent and enjoy an afternoon of bowls followed by a meal.

Our next league game is on Wednesday, 29 November at 2.00 pm against the Royals at Tunbridge Wells. The coach leaves at 12.30 p.m.

Please add your name to the call up sheet if you are available for this game.

Thank you


Vice Captain

Ladies v Folkstone

Yesterday, 1 November 2023, we welcomed the ladies from Folkestone to Prince Arthur for our first home match of the season.

After 6 ends we had managed a 7 shot lead and we just managed to retain this lead throughout the next few ends, although Folkestone were gradually decreasing it.  By the time we had reached 13 ends we still had a 3 shot lead, with only one of our teams winning. Over the next 3 ends the overall lead changed from one to another club, resulting in a one shot lead to Folkestone.  As the game gradually concluded, with each team finishing their 18 ends, one team managed 4 shots giving us the overall win.

Final score:  Prince Arthur 74   Folkestone 70  

We won on 2 out of the 5 rinks, which meant the points were shared at 6 each.

 A great effort against one of the stronger teams in the league.

We welcomed Jeanne Bingham into the team for her first match, and she reported that she had enjoyed the game so we hope to see her again for other matches.

Our very grateful thanks to Soozie, who stepped in to play at very short notice.  Soozie also makes handmade cards so take a look when you get the opportunity.

Our thanks to Gemma and Maxine for our meal and also to Pam for the bar service.

We do not have a game next Wednesday, but the following one on 15 November we travel to Angel in Tonbridge.  Start time for this game is 2 pm and the coach leaves at 12.30 pm from the club.

On Thursday, 23 November, we host Kent County Ladies Indoor Bowls Association (KCLIBA). This game is a friendly and not part of the Kent League so no points at stake, but a nice way to meet ladies from other clubs so please add your name to the sign up sheet on the Ladies Board.


Vice Captain

Ladies v Swale

We played our second league game of the season away from home yesterday, 25 October 2023, after a two week break, when we made our way to play Swale Ladies.

Our game against Swale is always challenging with a faster green to adapt to and after 5 ends this proved to be true, when they had taken a 10 shot lead.  Unfortunately, this had increased to a 50% lead by the time we had reached 10 ends, however, we were leading on one rink and another was being very closely contested.

This pattern continued until we reached 16 ends when Swale began to dominate and the two teams, whom we were hoping would win their matches, lost by a few shots.

A resounding win for Swale and they took all 12 points available.

Final score:  Prince Arthur 56   Swale 102

However, we look forward to welcoming the ladies from Swale to Prince Arthur later in the season, when we have the opportunity to reverse the result.

We welcomed Jackie Clark for her first game playing for Prince Arthur.

Thank you to all the drivers who got us to Swale – it is greatly appreciated.

Our next match is at home against Folkestone next Wednesday, 1 November. 

Pat Vice Captain

Ladies v Ashford

Here we are again in October and the start of our Ladies Kent League campaign for the 2023-2024 season.  It was very nice to see friends who have been playing outdoors during the summer and catch up with their news.

As last year we will be playing 5 rinks and 18 ends per game, however, all our home matches will now commence at 2.00 pm.  A few away matches have different start times so please note the time and, if applicable, the coach pick up time on the signup sheet.

Until we receive delivery of our new shirts, our games will be played in the white Club shirt with black trousers. 

Now for the report on our first game played yesterday, 4 October at Ashford.

This game commenced at 10.30 am, which meant an early start from home to get the coach at 9 am, so many thanks to everyone for making it in time.

As this is our first match on the programme, we tend to find Ashford’s green very difficult to adjust to being quite different from our own.  However, after 5 ends there was just 1 shot difference.  This increased to 9 shots after 11 ends but came down to just 4 shots by 15 ends.  Unfortunately, during the last 3 ends Ashford increased their lead winning by 12 shots. 

Final score:     Prince Arthur 68  Ashford 80

We won on 1 rink and drew on another giving us 3 points out of a possible 12 available.  A very good start against an excellent Ashford team.

Our next game is away against Swale on Wednesday, 25 October.  There will be no coach for this game so please let us know if you require a lift.


Vice Captain

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