Ladies Section

Chairperson: Linda Hoare

Captain: Lynette Stock

Vice Captains : Deidre Williams and Pat Wells

Secretary: Linda Woodhouse

Committee: Jackie Spice - Lina Foster - Dot Elliott

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Kent League

Our last few games have been a mixture of wins and losses.

We had to play 4 games in 8 days, so well done to those ladies that played in them all and a big thank you to those that helped in making up the teams. We unfortunately did not have the big push to keep us up in the top 5, we currently are 6th, with our last 10 points we got by winning Royals, pushed us up to 4th, however, Angel and Oyster still have games to play.

We nearly beat Ashford 83-82 but had to give them 10 shots and a point as we only had 5 rinks, this game was a rearranged game which followed on from the day before when we played Bromley where we only managed 2 points, we were very short of backend players on that game. We managed to beat Mote park where we got 8 points despite us having only 5 rinks again for this game.

Overall we have had a very good year, lets maintain our good play for next season.

 Mote Park won the Valanndor so we can be proud of our defeat in this competition, as we lost to the winners.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again in September, when I shall be arranging a pre-match game for practice against the men, keep a watch on the board and web site for his date.

Have a lovely summer everyone.


You can see the results of the National matches on the EIBA website.  PARIBC is in Area C.    Click link to see the EIBA competitions then select Yetton Plate and select area C.
For the Valanndor Shield click link to the KCIBA.




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