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Chairperson: Linda Hoare

Captain: Deidre Williams

Vice Captain : Pat Wells

Secretary: Linda Woodhouse

Committee: Jackie Spice - Irene Ashby - Dot Elliott - Sylvia Day - Lynette Stock

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Kent League
Bromley 28th March 2018
We travelled to Bromley with 6 rinks 1 being a triple, on arrival I had noticed that they only had 5 skips names on the board, this was a little worrying. On speaking to their captain, she said she had a phone call from Prince Arthur (A MAN) the week before our game to say we had only 5 rinks, what she did not realise was this call was for the men's team that was visiting them that week.I had to ask 3 player to stand down and got 3 players who willing stood down and played on a spare rink. We lost our game on all rinks only got 1 point from the 6th rink, this was unusual for us to lose at Bromley as we normally have a good game there. Pens went to the ladies who stood down, M Laraman, G Hill and V Cook many thanks ladies.
Royal Tunbridge Wells 4th April 2018
We played the  Royals at home, they managed only 5 rinks, a very friendly club and lovely atmosphere on the green by all. We got 8 points and our highest winning rink was P Wells, J Cordell, C Heward and D Williams Score for the game 111 - 82. Well done to all.
Bromley 5th April 2018
It was our turn to beat Bromley at home, who only managed 4 rinks.
Deidre Williams was captain for the day, we managed to get 9 points scores very low due to only 4 rinks 93 - 54. Highest winning rink was the captains rink.
Mote Park 11th April 2018
What a great win for PA ladies against one of the strongest clubs in Kent who are currently 2nd in the league. Again there was a lot of laughter and banter on the rinks and all played in good spirits. We managed 9 points score 120 - 80, only the captains rink lost, to a loaded rink!! The highest winning rink was S Leigh, P Wells, G Hill and D Williams. Well done ladies, we always love to beat Mote as we always lose to them away.
Sevenoaks 13th April 2018
Well Friday 13th was unlucky for us, we managed only 5 rinks and had a number of Back-end players not available to play, we fought hard, and we managed to win on 3 rinks we got 95 - 89, BUT as we were a rink short we had to give them 10 shots, we ended up with 3 points, and ended up loosing by 4 shots. Our highest winning rink was D Elliott, C Day, C Heward and L Clark. This was the second game we lost like this year by having only 5 rinks. Sevenoaks was very friendly, they have Caterer problems at the moment, which meant we had Sandwiches & Scones for tea instead of a meal, which was very filling and well done.
Our season has been up and down, we have won all our games at home, only won 1 away, 2 games that we usually win we lost because of players not been available and we had only 5 rinks. This makes a big difference to our scores overall.
We are currently 5th in the league our total points 126, however, there has been  a lot of clubs who have not played all their games and depending how the committee work out the scores, this will likely make us go down a couple of positions.
I have put up sheets of our games and league position which is still to be up dated for you to see how we have done. A completed league sheet will be on notice board when its all been finalised.
I shall also like to thank you all for such a lovely bunch of flowers and gifts, on my stand down as Captain this year. I have enjoyed the last 6 years its been a challenge. The credit of our success is to you all for one supporting you club and the ladies, and I have great pleasure seeing you all improving your game and most of all being a friendly and happy club. May you continue on the upward trend.
Our best year was 2015/16 when we came third in the league, I'm sure we can do it again, we just need to win a few more games away.
Thank you again, looking forward to 2018/19 already.


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