Internal Leagues  Updated 12:00hrs 6th November 2020

Winter Leagues 2020/21

To all league team leaders and members

The leagues will be closed after Tuesday league for the next four weeks for lock down.
On return you will play the opponents that you were scheduled for as if lock down had not occurred.
New league sheets with date changes will be produced and displayed on the web site.

Ted Shoot

Winter Leagues Start Date

Some of the latest League results have been loaded with more to come.


Ted Shoot League Secretary


Monday 9-30am Open Triples  NEW

Monday 1 pm Open Triples  NEW

Tuesday 9-30am Open Triples  NEW

Tuesday 6-30pm Fantastic Fives

    Wednesday 6.30pm Mens Triples   

Thursday 9.30am Open Triples

Thursday 12noon Open Triples    

   Thursday 6.30pm Super Seven Open Pairs

Friday 12noon Open Triples



To All Members, especially those members who would like to enter a league.  Help is at hand if you are uncertain about what is involved in being a team leader. 

"AUSSIE" OPEN PAIRS LEAGUE"                 

This new format will be held on Friday's at 12 noon commencing from the start of the new 2020/21 Winter Season. 

The basic rules are quite simple: 

The games consist of a maximum 16 ends played with 4 woods each. 

After the first 8 ends the players switch positions i.e. skips become leads and the leads become skips. 

The teams then play the second 8 ends or until the bell rings.

All other league rules apply.

It is suggested that you need at least 4 players in each team. 

Details will be on the notice board from Monday 3rd February so please enter your name on the form if you would be interested in entering a team in this exciting new league.


Score cards - Winter Internal Leagues

Just 4 weeks into the season and we are already experiencing problems with the completion of scorecards.

Players names must consist of Initial, Surname and be clearly legible.

If they are missing or unreadable Monitors are duty bound to return them to the Office who forward them to the Team Leaders to be corrected. Team Leaders then correct them and send them back to the office for return to Monitor. A complete waste of time for everybody.

Please do not sign a card unless all players names, home and away, are entered correctly.

League Secretary 24/10/2019


From: League Secretary.


League Rules

Note: The League Rules are primarily for Triples and Fours leagues. They cannot cover all eventualities and any queries/disputes should be referred to the League Secretary who will adjudicate accordingly, with the help of the Board if needed.

  1. The League Secretary, prior to the commencement of each season, will arrange all matches. A fixture list will be available to all Team leaders, after they have paid £6 per Team, and then displayed on the notice board when all monies for that League have been collected.

  2. To ensure smooth running of the League, matches are to be played on the dates specified by the League Secretary. If a Team is not able to field a full Team for an agreed fixture, they must inform the opposition at least the day before the fixture date to arrange a postponement.

  3. Matches will be played in accordance with the latest rules agreed by the Board. All matches will be played to session time (bell to bell).

  4. There is no limit to the number of players in a Team, but a player can only play for one Team in each League. If it is found that a Team fields a player who is not a member, or who has previously played for another Team in the same League, that Team forfeits the match 10-0.

  5. If a Team member fails to arrive within 30 minutes of League start time, or the match cannot start for any reason, see the following Additional Notes to Team Leaders.

  6. To ensure time is not wasted during League matches, no player shall be allowed to visit the head during the course of the game.

  7. If the jack has been cast before the bell goes, that end must be played.

  8. There will be NO DEAD ENDS. If the jack goes out of play, it shall be re-spotted on the Dot adjacent to the 'T' on the side it went out of play.

League rules, additional notes for Team Leaders

A Credit Note System will be operated. If a League match has to be postponed the Team Leader postponing is responsible for purchasing a Credit Note for the full price of the rink within 7 days of the postponement, unless the match has been rearranged to a mutually agreed date.

If for any reason the match cannot be played by the end of the season the Team that postponed the match forfeits the game 10 - 0. The Credit Note can then be used to pay for a rink to play a friendly or have a roll up at anytime prior to the start of the following season, but does not count towards any League table.

Completing the Scorecard

Team Leaders should ensure the Skip on the day fills in the Initial or first name & Full Surname of the Team players on the scorecard. The Total score for each Team should be entered in the Total box before signing the scorecard.

A scorecard may be returned if these details are missing or not clear.

Non arrival of Team

If one Team does not arrive for a match the Team that has arrived is entitled to claim the game. Every effort should be made to rearrange the match with the defaulting Team.

If this cannot be done within a reasonable timescale then the Team that arrived on that day should ask for the card from the counter and enter their players names on the scorecard and 10-0 in their favour as a result at the bottom of the scorecard. They must sign the card and return it to the front office to be processed. The Defaulting Team must then raise a Credit Note.

Re Rule 5 - Non arrival of player

The front office should be advised, they may be able to find a replacement player. Alternatively, if both Teams agree, the match may be played with one Team a player short. The Team with a player short will lose 25% of their score.

If agreement cannot be reached the match rink fees can be paid by the 2 Teams and the match played at a later date.

Alternatively the defaulting Team must raise a Credit Note within 7 days. The Club will endeavor ensure a rink is made available for their use.

At the end of the season if the match has not been played the Team that was a player short forfeits the match 10-0.

Approved by the Board
4 August 2018