Internal Leagues


 Winter Season 2017/2018

Monday 9-30am Open Fours

Monday 12 noon Open Triples 

Monday 6-30pm Open Triples

Tuesday 10am Open Triples 

Tuesday 6-30pm Fantastic Fives

    Wednesday 6.30pm Mens Triples   

Thursday 9.30am Open Triples

Thursday 12noon Open Triples    

   Thursday 6.30pm Super Seven Open Pairs

Friday 12noon Open Triples


From: League Secretary.


The League Rules have been Revised to incorporate the rule that there will be NO DEAD ENDS in any league matches and that if the jack is sent out of play, then it WILL be RE-SPOTTED on the DOT adjacent to the ‘T’ on the side it became out of play.

Copies of the current rules are here on the WEB for you to download and there will be copies at the club reception for you to obtain.


Prince Arthur Road Indoor Bowling Club

League Rules

  1. The League Secretary, prior to the commencement of each session, will arrange all matches. A fixtures list will be sent to all team leaders and displayed on the notice board. .

  2. Matches will be played in accordance with latest relevant laws/rules of the English Indoor Bowls Association. All matches will be played to session time ( bell to bell ). .

  3. To ensure smooth running of the Leagues, matches are to be played on the dates specified by the League Secretary. .

  4. There will be no limit to the Number of players in a team. No player can play for more than One (1 ) team in each League. Team Leaders are to ensure that all of their players are members of PARIBC.
    4a. A CREDIT NOTE SYSTEM will be operated. If a League match has to be postponed, the Team Leader postponing will be responsible for informing the opposition, purchasing a Credit Note ( for the full price of the rink fee ) and rearranging the fixture to an agreed date. ( 48 hrs given notice is preferred )

  5. If a team fields an illegal player ( as defined in Rule4 ) they will forfeit the match and 2 points and 10 shots will be awarded to the opposition. It is important that all team members are named on the score card. If the legality of a player is proved to be wrong, then the offending team will forfeit the match as before. .

  6. If a team member fails to turn up within 30 minutes of League start time, or concedes a League Match, the team leader is required to pay the FULL rink fee. 2points and 10 shots will be awarded to the opposition. .

  7. If a team contravenes the above rules on more than one (1) occasion, then the Team Leader ( or his/her representative ) may be called to account for their actions to a League Sub-Committee, who have the authority to take such measures considered appropriate.

  8. In a Fours Match, aside can only field three (3) players, the first two (2) will use three woods and the Skip will use two, 25% of their score being deducted at the end of the Match. This can only occur if the Team arrives with one player short. Teams found abusing this Rule may be called to account for their actions. .

  9. As League matches are played to session times, to ensure not any time is wasted, No Player shall be allowed to visit the head during the course of the game. .

  10. If the jack has been Cast before the Bell goes, then that end SHALL be played. .

  11. There will be NO DEAD ENDS, if the jack goes out of play, it shall be re-spotted on the DOT adjacent to the ‘T’ on the side it went out of play.