We enter the following National Team competitions :

We enter the following County Team competitions :

The Valanndor which is a Ladies County Competition

The Dudley Hoile which is a Men's County Competition

Kent Ladies League
Kent Men's League


8 Club Championship

Prince Arthur have been invited to enter a team in the all day event (8 Club Championship) at Mote Park IBC on 26th July. The competition is 3 mixed Triples from each club, PARIBC team this year will be:

Team ‘A’ Danny Cox, Roy Alderson, Lynette Stock

Team ‘B’ JB Tomlin, Babs Tomlin, Mick Day

Team ‘C’ Chris Heward, Tom Heward, Dave Hood

Prince Arthur are in Group 1 along with Oyster, Bromley & Royals.
Our first match is at 10am with 2 trial ends at 09:30.

Come along to Mote Park & support your club


Hi to all who put their names down for the Summer National comp of the Fantastic 5s.

Thank you, the Teams are shown below:

Team A
Captain M. Williams, D. Williams, P. Wells, J.Mercer, B. Mercer, G. Hubbard, M. Chapman, D. Pitt

Team B
Captain D. Cook, V. Cook, J. Lacey, R. Baston, T. Heward, C. Heward, B. Allen, D. Sutherland

Team C
Captain JB Tomlin, Babs Tomlin, A. Mead, L. Stock, P. O'Meara, G. Whatman, D. Hood, D. Risbridger.


Ladies Reports 

County Competitions


Prince Arthur ladies played in the semi finals of this county competition on Friday 17th March. The 2 rinks at home had a very good start and 1 rink away was doing well. It looked good for our ladies, until 15th end when 1 rink at home stared to struggle with short jacks. We lost the match by only 6 shots, overall.

Well done to the team in getting to the semi's and lets do it again next season, I think we will be practicing more short jacks before next October.


Men's Reports