100 Club Results


This season’s 100 Club has just been completed, with the final draw this month, (Aug 2021), and many congratulations go to all the winners, especially Bob and Carol.  Their luck was certainly in, as their numbers came out on many an occasions over the year, so much so, that it adds a new meaning to the phrase, “Blood Money”, but at least their new four legged friend, is now the best fed canine in Kent!  Huge thanks go to Glynis Whatman and helpers, for sorting out all the paperwork and admin for this, whilst we were in lockdown and even more thanks are due to Mick and Gloria Smith, who run the draw each month, ensuring that all is fair and above board.  Believe me, they cannot be bribed and I have even tried breaking the machine and this has not worked!

This season we had just under 100 entries.  What would be nice for next season, would be if we could at least try and double that number, (and possibly more), to over the 200 entries mark.  That way, there would be more money in the prize pot / extra prize places and more importantly, more money going into the Club coffers.  And it is such a simple way for the Club to raise much needed funds.  You pay your one off entry and that is it, done, dusted and entered for the year and then you sit back and hope luck is on your side.  At the moment, we have approx. 300 members, so even if half that number have a go, that would be a start and up on this season’s entries.

Applications forms for next season’s 100 Club draws, starting in Nov 2021, will be available from 1st October 2021, so please support this scheme, be pro – active, ask at the main desk for a form and have a go.  That way, it saves me from being an even bigger pain in the behind to you all, by having to come round to you all, with the PARIBC begging bowl, asking you to please enter.  And after all, you have got to be in it, to win it!  Thank you for your support.

(PARIBC 05/08/21).

Results 2020-2021

1st Prize81£29.10Vic Jordan
2nd Prize85£14.55Barry Knight
3rd Prize84£4.85C S Smith
1st Prize9£29.10Margaret Laraman
2nd Prize63£14.55Trevor Bucklee
3rd Prize46£4.85Chris Lewis
1st Prize49£29.10Anthony Murr
2nd Prize28£14.55Bob & Carol Blood
3rd Prize5£4.85Val Cook
1st Prize96£29.10Janet Thompson
2nd Prize26£14.55John Langley
3rd Prize28£4.85Bob & Carol Blood
1st Prize28£29.10Bob & Carol Blood
2nd Prize39£14.55Gloria Smith
3rd Prize84£4.85C S Smith
1st Prize33£29.10David Clare
2nd Prize49£14.55Anthony Murr
3rd Prize13£4.85Robert Clark
1st Prize45£29.10Tim Fletcher
2nd Prize17£14.55Pat Cordingley
3rd Prize10£4.85Ben McIntosh
1st Prize28£29.10Bob & Carol Blood
2nd Prize97£14.55Jean Lacey
3rd Prize69£4.85Jacky Scovill
1st Prize21£29.10Chris Heward
2nd Prize79£14.55Terry & Jackie Renolds
3rd Prize37£4.85Janice Hatcher
1st Prize27£29.10J Whyman
2nd Prize97£14.55Jean Lacey
3rd Prize4£4.85Roy Baston

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