2013 – Player of the Season

Player of the Season (Winter 2012/2013)

This competition is based on the total of a players’ best 12 scores, (from all their scores), from all the club matches they play during the season……it is not based on who has played the most matches. 

At the presentation for the 2012 / 13 Player of the Season (Winter), competition, runner up Deidre “Pringles” Williams falls asleep as the winner, Tim Fletcher, prepares to give his 20 pence victory speech!  Club Captain, Trevor Bishop wonders what he has to do to win the trophy and questions just how big are the ears of the winner?!!!

Tim  Fletcher receives the Trophy from Trevor Bishop with the runner-up Deidre Williams
However Deidre soon looks up for a more handsome photographer, and even Trevor smiles!

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