2014 – Player of the Season

Player of the Season (Winter 2013/2014)

This competition is based on the total of a players’ best 12 scores, (from all their scores), from all the club matches they play during the season……it is not based on who has played the most matches. 

At the presentation for the 2013 / 14 Player of the Season (Winter), winner Brian “Trumpet” Rance, on the right, prepares to celebrate victory by getting his bugle out and giving it a toot or two!  Club Captain, Trevor Bishop, on the left, is unsure if that is meant to be a euphemism or not, so plays it safe with a firm handshake and one of his trademark usual manic grins!  Meanwhile competition runner up Dave Hood, looks on in relaxed mode, i.e. trying to figure out just what is going on!

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