2014 – World Bowls Championships

Hi! Fellow bowlers,

Did you watch the World championships recently? Yes? Exciting wasn’t it?

Bernie and I went to Potters to see them live! again, and we have booked up to go again next year too!

In the rink the atmosphere was electric and as we were lucky enough to get the front row or the next one back at all the matches, and again very close to the players or the head. We sat in the place where we could see all the heads at close quarters from 1st to last ( 1-9or 11 ) but it didn’t interfere with our enjoyment of the other ends, as they were shown on a giant screen above the audience opposite, so everyone on our side of the arena could see first hand what was going on at their opposite ends.

On Saturday morning we had the Junior final which was great! The teams this year were from the same club ie; Beckles 1 & 2! But it made good viewing, these youngsters could show most of us the way good consistent bowls, should be played!!! I had great admiration for the way they plyed bearing in mind the large audience in house and the millions watching on TV

Sunday brought the final and I have to admit I for one was rooting for Mervyn King who had been bowling brilliant bowls all through the championships, although neither he nor Darren Burnett bowled as well as their previous matches. Mervyn should have won but he completely lost it in the tie break, with his last bowl,so the Title went to Scotland!!!! Enough said!

As I am sure you all watched the match, I won’t bore you with anymore details, but the atmosphere in there was really electric and when Darren won on the last end by one there was uproar, from the minority  Scottish fans, but, all in all it was a great 3 days and we can thoroughly recommend you go and see for yourselves.

Whilst we were there we met up with a couple from Thameside Wanderers again, whom we play frequently and also  Eric who plays for Tye Green in the competition at  Potters, when we go in May ( he was the one sitting next to me!!)

I would add, that although it is a great experience, it is not for the feint hearted as there are morning,  afternoon and evening sessions, so a lot of rushing around at meal times, to get fed and back into the rink in time to get a good seat!! although the BBC altered their schedules on Saturday, which was good, so we had time for lunch instead of the 20 mins it would have been, had they stuck to the original plan!! I took plenty of pics, some of which you can see below. 

John Mercer

Darren Burnett v Robert Paxton
Johnathon Ross v Mervyn King
Juniors Finals Match
Mervyn King v Paul Foster
Stewart Anderson v Darren Burnett
Veteran Willie Woods v Robert Weals Crown Green Champ
Darren Burnett v Mervyn King WB Final 2014
Darren with the Cup

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