2015 – Vets v Civvies Match April

Well Went The Day

Well it went well for the civvies in our first Vets – V – Civvies Easter Saturday Match.

Mick Pont arrived in full military regalia or should I say Cpl Pont, very smart Mick.

Bill Howlett did look military in his light khaki, well dressed on parade all the Vets. Sheila Gutteridge looked very smart wearing the badge of dinner lady (they didn’t look like Sheila when I was at school).

I won’t quote the score it’s too embarrassing. Cpl Ted’s team was runner up to the Baston team, with Babs Tomlin winning the spider and the after match raffle.

But what a game, very well supported, badged, medaled and dressed up to keep up the theme of the game.

Civvy, Bank CEO Hon. Malcolm Clark fought valiantly but was no match from the attack by Cpl Shepherd’s platoon.

There were several wrong biases (they know who they are). But we all had so much fun I don’t believe anyone was bothered by the scores. Especially the wrong handed bowling, and the bowling to the yellow marker with no jack, it gave us all so many laughs.

The real interest was in the buffet put on by Doreen Shepherd and Lesley Clark, what a super buffet, (didn’t they do well).

But the Piece De Resistance to the buffet was from the Charles Wells pudding Co, the bread pudding was eaten in a flash. I wouldn’t say it was heavy but he had to deliver it on the roof rack of his Audi stretch limo, then two of us carried it in, he did say the roof rack was really a gate he had made but we suspect it was a framework to support the bread pud. But yes it was eaten with relish so thank you Charles for your contribution to the match buffet, for which I must add he would take no payment.

The tea and coffee was supplied by Garnishes, with Sam doing the honours all at a reduced cost especially for the match. Thanks Sam you did well getting the drinks out all at the same time.

The game ended with a raffle with 9 very good prizes, and the photography was supplied by Miles Westcott who covered the whole game from start to finish, see foto section later this week.

There are too many foto’s (150 in total) to go on the web, so if any players would like to receive a selection of these please get in touch with Doreen Shepherd who would be pleased to email them to you.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their support especially Malcolm, Lesley and Doreen who got me through the week to get the game organised.

Thanks also to Shirley and Rose for helping Doreen to set out the buffet, and clearing up after the game.

Ted Shepherd






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