2019 – Player of the season (Summer)

These two competitions are based on the total of a players best 07 scores, (approx. a quarter), from all the scheduled club social matches they played during the Summer season………it is not based on who has played the most matches.  Thus adding a competitive element, whilst not distracting from the social nature of the matches and season in general.  In both the “Player Of The Season – Total Shots” competition and “Player Of The Season – Total Shots Difference” competition, you had to play at least 07, (approx.. a quarter), or more of the scheduled matches and then your best 07 scores were taken.  And if you understand all that, then you are a better man than me, ho, ho!

Below we see PARIBC Club Captain, Linda Hoare, in the centre, presenting the relevant trophies, (there are in fact two trophies, one for each comp.) and the winners of both comps., were the same two gentlemen as last year.  Eric Clive, (on the right and nearly asleep!), yet again proved he is one of the Club’s most reliable and steady bowlers, (when awake!), as he beat Tony Jewell by 07 shots, to retain the “Total Shots” comp. title.  In the “Total Shots Difference” comp., the consistent Tony Jewell, once again came out on top, winning by 13 shots, but he was pushed all the way by runner up Val Green, who was probably the most improved and best player, throughout the course of the season.  With Tony unavailable, Val, (on the left), kindly stepped in to receive the trophy, on his behalf.  So  congratulations to the winners and runners up and both trophies now sit on display in the trophy cabinet, alongside the comps. original shield, which had no space left on for winners / runners up names!

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