2020 – Trev’s Match

This Match is played annually in memory of the late Trevor Bishop, 
and pits the Chairman’s Team against the Club Captain’s Team each Winter Season. 

The players are selected by the Chairman and Club Captain.

 “Trev’s Match” – PARIBC Chairman (home) = 154 v PARIBC Captain (away) = 111 – Sunday 05/01/20

On Sunday 05/01/20, “Trev’s Match”, the memorial game, in memory of Trevor Bishop, was played for the fourth year, with the Club Chairman’s “home” team beating the Club Captain’s “away” team by 43 shots, (154 – 111), in this 8 mixed triples / rinks, social meal match.  The scores on the doors, as if they matter, were as follows, with the Chairman’s team players and scores shown first and the Captain’s team players and scores shown second.

Rink 1 = Chris Day, Irene Ashby, Sylvia Day BEAT Phil Stradling, Sue Whitaker, Patrick O’Meara = 16 – 12
Rink 2 = Malcolm Clark, Roy Baston, Rose Gibson LOST to Alan Head, Maureen Osborne, Derrick Small = 13 – 16
Rink 3 = Lesley Clark, Dennis Booth, Allan Buchan BEAT Peter Edwards, Doug Taylor, Kevin Farrell = 25 – 07 (Top Chairman’s rink)
Rink 4 = Sue Smith, Tom Heward, Lynette Stock, Dave Elliott LOST to Mick Fisher, Sonia Bignall, Trevor Hill, Linda Hoare = 11 – 22 (Top Captain’s rink)
Rink 5 = Marc Carr, Gill Hill, Dot Elliott BEAT Val Cook, Heather Allan, Dave Sutherland = 16 – 12
Rink 6 = Glynis Whatman, Fred Linger, John Lake BEAT Alex Routen, Jean Lacey, Dave Cook = 22 – 12
Rink 7 = Dan Smith, Val Green, Mick Smith LOST to Gwyneth Charles, Jill Tipper, Eric Clive = 18 – 19
Rink 8 = Christine Heward, Tim Fletcher, Margaret Head BEAT Dave Randall, Mike Charles, Mo Tipper = 23 – 11

The usual fine turn out by PARIBC members and supporters meant another enjoyable social day was had by all and ensured that the Club had a good start to the New Year and huge thanks go to “Helen and Ted”, i.e. Heather Allan and Fred Linger, for stepping in at the last minute, due to a couple of late cry offs.  There was certainly a fair amount of noise on the green and with messrs Farrell, (don’t mention my roof!) and Lake playing, then you wouldn’t expect anything less.  And it was the latter, Johnny Boy Lake himself, who started, (and finished with a good win), the day off well, by winning the spider comp, as he was the only one who got his wood, in the Chairman’s box, which isn’t a euphemism, just in case you were wondering!  Although he didn’t know if he was going to eat his winning pineapple, or stick it somewhere, whilst runner up Jock Sutherland’s prize, should be with his good lady Fran, by next week.  Many thanks for the 20p’s, which, along with the fines, (Dennis Booth wrong bias and the 2 men, who wore no clothes at the meal, Kevin Farrell and Phil Stradling!), have gone into the Club’s 40th Birthday fund, which, ladies and gents, is now less than 10 years away!  As for the match, on rink 3, our ever competitive overseas player, old Hogmanay McBuchan himself, was in no festive mood to dish out presents, (no change there then!), as he and his loaded team, emerged as top Chairman’s rink as they whitewashed the Club’s men’s captain, Kevin Farrell and his team, who just never seemed to get going.  Kevin’s good lady Sandra watched on with despair and let’s hope the eight weeks warm weather training, in South Africa, starting later this month, she has booked for Kevin, (and eight weeks for herself, on the beach), will pay off!  Top Captain’s rink was on rink 4, with the Club Captain herself, Linda Hoare and her well established team.  Rinks 1, 2 and 5 were all pretty close and the 10 shots victory by that man John Lake again and his team on rink 6, didn’t really reflect how close this match was, against Squirrel Cook and his nuts!  Rink 7 was perhaps the closest of games, where Mick Smith had risen from his sick bed, (with the help of his sonic screwdriver and a bottle of 65 year old single malt Irish whiskey) to go head to head, with the owner of Medway’s finest curry house, the “Lord, (Eric), Clive of India”, who recommends from the menu, numbers 26, 38, 26, or is that just his description of a lady he once knew in his youth?  Anyway, they and their teams were nip and tuck all afternoon, with some fine woods, only separated by one shot on the last end.  Lamb bhuna anybody?  On rink 8, the two ladies, Christine Heward and Margaret Head, both had fine games, with the ever reliable Madge in particular superb, matching and bettering oppo skip Mo Tipper, which is no mean feat in itself.  After the match we had a fine meal, followed by the raffle and Sue Smith thanked all members for their generous support of the raffle, (in both the donation of prizes and the buying of tickets), with proceeds raising over £160 and Sue said this would be split between the Prostate Cancer Charity and a donation would be going to the Club.  Thanks go to Nicola, Adrian and Becs, in the kitchen for the food.  Thanks are also due to the usual groupies, Foggy, Compo, Clegg and Nora Batty, namely and in no particular order, Janet Small, Gloria Smith, Fran Sutherland and Julia Edwards, for their support and for all their help with bar duties.  Much appreciated.

When Trevor Bishop was alive, he was very much a Club man at heart and putting the Club first was high on his agenda, with matters both on and perhaps even more so, off the green. As such, his good lady, Sue Smith said she wanted something that would reflect this and felt it appropriate that there be a new trophy to recognise and reward the contribution of a person and / or persons, for their hard work and efforts in ensuring that the Club continues to thrive and prosper, both on and off the green. Thus the “Trevor Bishop Memorial Trophy” is to be an annual award for the Club member(s) of the year.  Each year’s recipient(s), to be decided by the Directors, (taking into account the views of the members) and the winner and / or winners name(s), will be engraved on the trophy for posterity. It may mean that the same person and / or persons, “win” the trophy for years in a row, which is not a problem, but equally it is not to be seen as, “something to be awarded, just because we have another trophy to give away”!  As per usual, Sue felt that Trev would be looking down, laughing along with all those at the match that had just gone and wondering what all the fuss was about, but be very proud that the members were continuing to support and push the club forward in the right direction!  This year’s winner was that pain in the behind and worst bowler in the Club, Tim Fletcher, (see pictures below) and like last year, he was very chuffed and honoured to be awarded the prestigious trophy and recognized in this way, by the Club and the members.  He felt that he does no more, than many of the other industrious unsung heroes, who all do their bit, working away behind the scenes, keeping the Club going on a daily basis and progressing for the future, but thanked all those who voted, (and the fact he had voted for himself, more than 47 times, was conveniently overlooked!).  He emphasised his appreciation of all members, for their good will and generosity, when he constantly comes a calling with his begging bowl, for monies for the Club coffers.

 On the table behind, Doug Taylor, Peter Edwards and Kevin Farrell, all fall asleep with the excitement!
  After 18.30 hrs, avoid flash photography, with that shiny bonce!
 A lucky, lucky, lucky winner!  
“But I have found my Prince, so why do I need to kiss yet another frog?!”

Kind regards, your correspondent, just off to write out his 100 plus, voting slips for next year!


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