2021 – Trev’s Match

This Match is played annually in memory of the late Trevor Bishop, 
and pits the Chairman’s Team against the Club Captain’s Team each Winter Season. 

The players are selected by the Chairman and Club Captain.

Trevor Bishop Memorial Match – Home – Sunday 25/07/21

“Trev’s Match”, the annual memorial game, in memory of Trevor Bishop, was played today, for the fifth time, its normal January slot having been lost, when the Club was closed and in lockdown.  The usual fine turn out of Club members, saw all 8 rinks occupied with triples, along with 3 guests watching from the stands!  Once again, a very social afternoon panned out, with the “home” team, losing to the “away” team, by 36 shots, 110 – 146 and top rink was the away side on rink 8, namely Dave Randall, Tim Fletcher and Patricia Wells.  Scores on the doors were as follows:-

Rink 1 = Phil Stradling, Phil Cook, Sylvia Day, LOST TO Janice Hatcher, Chris Day, Linda Barnett = 13 – 18.

Rink 2 = Val Green, Jean Lacey, Roy Baston, LOST TO Viv Brightman, Dave Green, Norman Bushell = 12 – 18.

Rink 3 = Val Cook, Dave Adams, John Langley, BEAT Gerry Knight, Alex Routen, Dave Risbridger = 15 – 11.

Rink 4 = Brian Viney, Glynis Whatman, John  Hunt, LOST TO Irene Ashby, Diane Horsington, Bob Blood = 16 – 18.

Rink 5 = Dave Elliott, Sue Smith, Dave Cook, LOST TO Dot Elliott, Marc Carr, Patrick O’Meara = 14 – 25.

Rink 6 = Colin Briggs, Maureen Osborne, Dave Sutherland, BEAT Sue Whitaker, Deidre Williams, Eric Clive = 15 – 13.

Rink 7 = Joe Major, Gill Hill, Mick Day, BEAT Patricia Martin, Trevor Hill, Lynette Stock = 15 – 10.

Rink 8 = Margaret King, Dave Bushell, Margaret Head, LOST TO Dave Randall, Tim Fletcher, Patricia Wells = 10 – 33, (TOP RINK).

When Trevor Bishop was alive, he was very much a Club man at heart and putting the Club first was high on his agenda, with matters both on and perhaps even more so, off the green. As such, his good lady, Sue Smith, said she wanted something that would reflect this and felt it appropriate that there be a trophy to recognise and reward the contribution of a person and / or persons, for their hard work and efforts in ensuring that the Club continues to thrive and prosper, both on and off the green. Thus the “Trevor Bishop Memorial Trophy” is an annual award for the Club member(s) of the year.  Each year’s recipient(s), to be decided by the Directors, (taking into account the views of the members) and the winner and / or winners name(s), will be engraved on the trophy for posterity. It may mean that the same person and / or persons, “win” the trophy for years in a row, which is not a problem, but equally it is not to be seen as, “something to be awarded, just because we have another trophy to give away”!  As per usual, Sue felt that Trev would be looking down, laughing along with all those at the match that had just gone and wondering what all the fuss was about, but be very proud that the members were continuing to support and push the Club forward in the right direction, even more so, as we start again, after the recent difficult times we have all been through.

Before this year’s winner was announced, a few people were mentioned in dispatches, for the hard work and effort, they had put in, behind the scenes, which had benefitted the Club greatly, namely our group of ladies / gents, that do the tea runs during the summer season; Glynis Whatman for all her office work, when the Club was without office support, because of the lockdown rules / regs; Mike Williams for his work on all the Covid rules / regs protocols and processes required; Dave Risbridger for his efforts with brush and paint, in both the back and front offices and to Alex Routen, for all the maintenance work he has done internally and externally, around the Club.  All efforts very much appreciated.  The efforts of others, as a whole, was also noted.  This year’s fully deserved winner was Trevor Hill, (see pictures below, with Sue Smith and trophy), for his unstinting efforts and hard work, (in his role as treasurer and beyond), in ensuring that the Club was financially secure, during the 16 or so months of the Club being closed down, due to the world wide Covid pandemic.  The amount of work he did behind the scenes, with all parties, to ensure that bills were paid, savings maintained and as many as possible, grants gained, etc., etc., whilst there was no regular Club income stream, cannot be underestimated.  This coupled with his normal day to day work, as Club treasurer, meant that the Club has come out of these difficult times, in a relatively stable position, which is a result in itself.  He accepted the award in his usual modest way, but thanked those present, for their kind recognition.

The pre – match, melon and pineapple target bowls comp., was not so much vitamin C, but more like, can’t see, as, with only 2 exceptions, none of the 48 bowlers could hit a legal target!  It was won by the combined six players of rink 4, who managed to score a massive 1 point!  Luckily there were more winners in the post – match raffle, that had been organised by Sue Smith, Marc Carr, Dot and Dave Elliott.  This raised £50.00 into the Club coffers and nearly £170.00 to the Prostate Cancer charity, so thank you all for supporting this.  Check with the main office, re – prizes, if you bought a ticket.  No wrong biases were owned up to, or grassed up, so the match fines pot, didn’t benefit this week .

Thanks to Gerry Knight, Phil Stradling and Brian Viney, for coming in at last minute, due to “pinged” drop outs, (see you after isolation!) and many thanks to Gemma and girls, for the lovely meal and to Pam Fincher, for her sterling efforts on bar duty.

Kind regards, a man with no more to say for himself………makes a change! – 26/07/21.

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