2022 – Life President’s Trophy Match

Sat 02/04/22 = PARIBC Presidents Day.

On Sat 02/04/22, 48 players, along with 5 guests, turned out for the annual President’s Day match, which pits the Presidents “team”, against the Chairman’s / Club Captain’s “team”.  And this year, the bragging rights went the way of the Chairman’s team, as they ran out winners by 52 shots, (115 – 167).  Top rink for the Chairman’s team were Glynis Whatman, Dave Randall and Mick Day, whilst the President’s top trio were Christopher Day, Sue Williams and Eric Clive.  All enjoyed a fine meal afterwards, so thanks go to Gemma and girls for that and thanks also to Sue Smith and Marc Carr, who came in at the last minute to cover the bar.  The winner of the pre – match spider was Rosemary Longley, with Val Green, a worthy runner up and good to see Dave Randall and Derrick Small, yet again contributing to the wrong bias fund!  Attached are some pictures of the day and thanks to Heather Allan for taking these.


Current Chairman, Glynis Whatman, proudly holds the President’s Trophy, after leading “her” team to victory on the day.  Behind her, previous Chairman Dave Elliott, has second thoughts about making a rude gesture, whilst “spider” winner, Rosemary Longley, wonders just where it all went wrong!  And in the background, on the left, Patrick O’Meara, gets that call he has been waiting all day for, the lorry delivering the fresh stock of toilet rolls, has just arrived at the Club!
From behind, Bob Blood a picture of concentration and composure on the mat, whilst on the next rink, Maurice “The Hat” Williams, is going for the “through the legs” trick shot, even though it is not his turn to bowl!
Walkies time!
Glynis Whatman, wonders just what it is she has to do, to get the interest of the 2 skips on her rink?!  As next door, Mike Charles, is the latest male skip, to be reduced to his knees, when coming up against Dot Elliott, on a bowls green!
“Right, on the count of three, I want you all to stare down at the woods!”
There can be no doubt that the number 2’s aren’t giving the skips, all the information they want!
“Ooh, I just can’t look!”
Maurice “The Hat” Willams, holds that bowling pose for the camera, as Lynette Stock, (fresh from a week long bowling tour), catches some shut eye, in between woods!
Fred Linger and Jean Lacey make sure that the camera captures their good sides, whilst Trevor Hill goes full frontal!
Derrick Small looks to see if his wood is in the count, but then Pam Fincher reminds him it won’t be, as it was a wrong bias!
An “if looks could kill” moment, from both Val Green and Pam Fincher!  Derrick Small meanwhile, is still contemplating that wrong bias he bowled!

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