2022 – Player of the Season (Summer)

These two competitions are based on the total of a players best 06 scores, (approx. a quarter), from all the scheduled club social matches they played during the Summer season………it is not based on who has played the most matches.  Thus adding a competitive element, whilst not distracting from the social nature of the matches and season in general.  In both the “Player Of The Season – Total Shots” competition and “Player Of The Season – Total Shots Difference” competition, you had to play at least 06, (approx.. a quarter), or more of the scheduled matches and then your best 06 scores were taken.  Does that all make sense?………No!  Below we see the winner and runner up in both Comps, with the relevant trophies, (one for each comp.).  Derick Small, sweeping all before him, to win both comps., by a country mile, despite Deidre Williams, (runner up in both), having a blinding second half of the season, but her late charge, was in vain.  So  congratulations to aforementioned gent and lady and both trophies now sit on display, in the trophy cabinet.

Page Last Updated on 19th Sep 2022