2023 – Player of the Season (Summer)

For the summer 2023 social match season, the Club had 23 scheduled matches, (20 indoor and 03 outdoor), but 02 indoor matches were cancelled, (01 due to Oppo crying off and 01 cancelled by PARIBC).  Of the 21 matches played, the Club won just 07 matches, (all indoor) and 14 matches were lost.  69 members played at least 01 match, with 27 members, playing 05 or more matches, (approx. quarter of the actual matches played). 

The two Player Of The Season competitions are based on the total of a players best 05 scores, from all the scheduled club social matches played indoors, (so excludes the scores from the 03 outdoor matches also played), they played during the summer season………it is not based on who has played the most matches.  Thus adding a competitive element, whilst not distracting from the social nature of the matches and season in general.  In both the “Player Of The Season – Total Shots” competition and “Player Of The Season – Total Shots Difference” competition, you had to play at least 05, (approx.. a quarter), or more of the scheduled indoor matches, actually played and then your best 05 scores were taken………fallen asleep yet?!  Derrick Small, yet again triumphed in both, as he did last summer, whilst the runners up were Maureen Osborne and Kevin Mooney, respectively.  So  congratulations to aforementioned gents and lady and both trophies now sit on display, in the trophy cabinet.  The pictures below, (kindly taken by Patricia Wells), show the winner and runners up, with the silverware.  As such, the top 05, for both comps., are listed below:-

SHOTS SCORED:- 1st = Derrick Small 124 / 21; 2nd = Maureen Osborne 115 / 16; 3rd = Mick T Smith 113 / 21;  4th = Kevin Mooney 110 / 20; 5th = Mike R Smith 104 / 14.

SHOTS DIFFERENCE:- 1st = Derrick Small 82 / 10; 2nd = Kevin Mooney 74 / 08; 3rd = Maureen Osborne 65 / 04; 4th = Janice Hatcher 57 / 03; 5th = Deidre Williams 53 / 05.

(Note: First score shown is the total of the best 05 results, second score is the best individual result.)


Derrick & Kevin
Derrick & Maureen


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