Sunday 28/11/21 – PARIBC men v Angel IBC men – KML – away, (meal match).

PARIBC men lost to Angel IBC men, by 31 shots, (115 – 84) and the scores on the doors were as follows:-

Rink 1   = Dave Clare, Dave Randall, Chris Davis, Eric Clive = WON 14 – 21, (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 2  = Mike Lang, Tim Fletcher, Colin Cannon, Ben Holland = LOST 35 – 09.

Rink 3  = Joe Major, Peter Edwards, Dave Cook, Patrick O’Meara = LOST 19 – 17.

Rink 4 = Dave Bushell, Brian Rance, Mick Fisher, Kevin Farrell = DREW 22 – 22.

Rink 5 = Norman Bushell, Derek Abbott, Mike Charles, Mick Day = DREW 15 – 15.

The majority of us had a hassle free journey over to Tonbridge, although Pat O’Meara, couldn’t understand why the “traffic convey jam” he was in, was stop and start and had crowds of people standing by the road side, all waving and cheering.  Somehow he was leading the Tonbridge Chrimbo carnival float procession, that was on today!  Something our rink 2, wished they had gone to, instead of playing bowls this afternoon!  Again we could only field 5 rinks, so started off, 10 shots and 1 league point down, as Angel raced off to a fast start, going well ahead.  But as the afternoon wore on, so the matches on 4, out of the 5 rinks became closer, with the lead changing hands, as each end was played and PARIBC gradually, (but not completely), began to read the green.  Although in the end, Angel IBC deservedly won overall, but we did manage one winning rink and two drawing rinks, to come away with 2 points for our efforts.  We then had a fine post – match meal and managed to win the raffle, so not all was wasted.  Huge thanks to all those who drove and gave lifts and to our two lady supporters, for managing to stay awake, almost all afternoon!

Kind regards, a man still trying to understand Eric Clive’s in car, sat – nav machine…as is Eric also!


Saturday 27/11/21 – PARIBC v Ford Sports (Basildon) BC, (meal match).

PARIBC beat Ford Sports Basildon, by 25 shots, (95 – 72) and the scores on the doors were as follows:-

Rink 3 = Maurice Williams, Fred Linger, Lynn Korff = LOST 17 – 18.

Rink 4 = Glynis Whatman, Dave Elliott, Dot Elliott = LOST  12 – 21.

Rink 5 = Mike R Smith, Gwyneth Charles, Dave Sutherland = WON 23 – 16.

Rink 6 = Lina Foster, Dave Randall, Marc Carr = WON 27 – 07, (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 7 = Val Green, Heather Allan, Tim Fletcher = WON 16 – 10.

A delayed start due to a late Uber taxi run, didn’t distract from an enjoyable afternoon of bowls, in the company of our old friends, from across the water, (the Thames!), Ford Sports BC.  Top rink was led by Marc Carr, kindly playing as a skip for the first time and learning all the rules and regs and much, much, more besides, from his opposite number, on every end.  It is okay Marc, there is no need to thank me! The other 4 rinks saw 2 wins and 2 losses, in relatively close fought matches and on the Captain’s rink, Val Green had a superb, consistent game as lead, whilst number 2, “Helen” Allan, beat herself up with every shot she played, (wanting perfection every time), even though she had a decent enough game.  “Ted” Linger, you have our sympathy and we now know what you go through, ho, ho!!!  And you are getting closer to winning the raffle, just the odd 300 numbers out today, but there is always next week!  Thanks to Gemma and girls for the fine meal, that went down well and thanks to Pam Fincher, who yet again, came in at the very last minute, to (wo)man the bar, as our scheduled bar staff had gone sick.  Finally thanks to Janice Hatcher and Rosemary Longley who were our reserves and to Dave Sutherland for taking the dosh and other bits and pieces.  All at the Club, would like to wish Mike Williams a speedy recovery and to be back in circulation soon, after he was taken into hospital late last week.  Apparently doctors have ruled out, wife Deidre’s cooking, as having anything to do with the causes of him being admitted, but tests are still on – going!

Kind regards, a man, looking for advice on bus travel to Bluewater shopping centre.  Can anybody help?!


Thursday 18/11/21 – PARIBC v Medway Bowls Association, (meal match).

PARIBC beat Medway Bowls Association (MBA), by 23 shots, (108 – 85) and the scores on the doors were as follows:-

Rink 2 = Richard Booth, Brian Gee, Lynette Stock = WON 17 – 11.

Rink 3 = Keith Martin, Jean Lacey, Norman Bushell = WON 27 – 09, (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 4 = Mike R Smith, Phil Cook, Lynn Korff = LOST 11 – 14.

Rink 5 = Gwyneth Charles, Dave Bushell, Roy Baston = WON 21 – 19.

Rink 6 = Viv Brightman, Marc Carr, Kevin Farrell = WON 22 – 13.

Rink 7 = Dot Gee, Frank Landon, Tim Fletcher = LOST 10 – 19.

Yet another enjoyable afternoon, with good company and a another home win, in a close fought match.  Thanks to Keith Martin for coming in to play, due to a late cry off and he, Jean Lacey and Norman Bushell, romped to top rink victory, by a margin of 22 shots.  The captain’s rink, although bowling well, were certainly out bowled, by a very good triple, who were all on their game from the off.  As usual, the dulcet tones of one, Mr Kevin Farrell esq., echoed around the club house, as he yet again had a good win, even with Viv Brightman’s wrong bias thrown in, (fine still to be paid!).  There were also wins for the teams led by Lynette Stock and Roy Baston and my thanks to the home side on rink 4, who played as a triple, against an Oppo pair, as one of the Oppo side, was a no show today.  Thanks to Gemma and girls for the fine meal, (can we have cottage pie every week?!) and to Pam Fincher and Sue Smith for doing the bar.  Finally, thanks to Carol and Bob Blood for the big bag of loose change, they brought in for the shrapnel pot, much appreciated!

Kind regards, a man still trying to work out just how many fish, Frank Landon has caught in his time!


Saturday 20/11/21 – PARIBC v London Secretaries BC, (meal match).

PARIBC lost to London Secretaries BC, by 10 shots, (73 – 83) and the scores on the doors were as follows:-

Rink 3 = Peter Edwards, Dave Green, Margaret Head = LOST 14 – 26.

Rink 4 = Val Green, Janice Hatcher, Mick T Smith = LOST 08 – 21.

Rink 5 = Mike R Smith, Sue Smith, Kevin Farrell = WON 21 – 07, (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 6 = Dave Clare, Marc Carr, Rose Gibson = WON 20 – 12.

Rink 7 = Rosemary Longley, Heather Allan, Fred Linger = LOST 10 – 17 / (Dave Sutherland + Tim Fletcher = WON 17 – 10).

With the Oppo only able to bring 12 players, (yet also 6 guests!), rather than cancel the match and have yet another blank afternoon at the Club, PARIBC lent the Oppo 3 players, to make this a 5 triples affair.  However, another PARIBC cry off, late on Sat morning, meant we lent the Oppo 2 players and they played as a pair, against the PARIBC triple, on rink 7.  My thanks to Heather Allan, Fred Linger, Rosemary Longley and Dave Sutherland for agreeing to play against each other, on the day and the Oppo’s overall small margin of victory, was helped by our own pair, winning, whilst playing for them.  But at the end of the day, we got an afternoon of bowls out of it, rather than all be sat at home, falling asleep in the chair, (although some do prefer the latter!).  The 12 Oppo players who played, were no mug bowlers and on rinks 3 and 4, on which you might have expected to see home victories, the Oppo triumphed seemingly easily, even with rink 4’s scorecard not being completed!  The delightful Rose Gibson and her team and the equally delightful Kevin Farrell, (journalistic licence used there, me thinks!) and his team, both managed good wins.  Thanks Gemma and the girls for the fine meal and bigger thanks to them for coping with the 20 plus, meal changes!  Thanks also to Sue Smith for doing the bar initially and then Pam Fincher for coming in to cover, at the very last moment, due to a late cry off from the scheduled bar staff and thanks to Dave Sutherland, for taking the money.  Finally, good luck to Margaret Head for her National comps., area semi – final match next week, down at Swale IBC.

Kind regards, a man who today, joined his 300th different indoor bowling club, in the space of 5 years!


Sunday 14/11/21 – KML – PARIBC men v Ashford IBC men, (meal match).

PARIBC men beat Ashford IBC men, (112 – 94), at home, in their latest KML match and the scores on the doors were as follows:-

Rink 3 = Dave Clare, Tim Fletcher, Mick Fisher, Ben Holland = WON 32 – 12, (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 4 = Phil Cook, Marc Carr, Eric Clive, Dave Cook = WON 28 – 21.

Rink 5 = Mike Lang, Ted Shoot, Derrick Small, Mick Day = LOST 17 – 22.

Rink 6 = Norman Bushell, Dave Randall, Colin Cannon, Fran Hammell = WON 15 – 12.

Rink 7 = Dave Green, Dave Bushell, Mike Charles, Tom Heward = WON 20 – 17

Again due to lack of support, PARIBC could only field 5 rinks, so started the match, 10 shots down and 1 point already lost, but somehow managed to overcome this and scrape a win by 18 shots and pick up 8 league points.  Mike Lang and Marc Carr, were both making their KML debuts and with both having good games, we hope they enjoyed it and will want to play more.  Welcome chaps!  A nervous Mr Carr, was playing in the same team as the “KML twins”, namely Eric Clive and Dave Cook, (along with Dave’s other brother, who he didn’t know he had, Phil Cook!) and as soon as Eric bowled a wrong bias, (no change there then!), Marc’s fears were eased and he felt right at home!  Top rink was led by Ben Holland and they picked up a 7, on the last end.  On this rink, Dave Clare, Mick Fisher and the bowling dutchman himself, Ben, were on the money from the off, with good consistent bowling all afternoon.  On all 5 rinks, this was a good overall team performance, to ensure the first win of the season, in a match that was played in a very friendly atmosphere.  It must also be noted that Ashford IBC, are like us, struggling to get the members to support the league and social matches, so perhaps we are not alone in our constant chasing of members, to ensure we fulfil fixtures.  Huge thanks to Gemma and girls for the fine meal, to Sue Smith, for doing the bar and Joe Major who was reserve for today.  Thanks also to Norman Bushell for his bags of loose change shrapnel donations and 2 tubs of choccies for the next raffle.  Ta ever so, Mr B., much appreciated!

Kind regards, a man hoping not to get locked in the Clubhouse, when everybody leaves!


Sunday 07/11/21 – Vic Ashby memorial match – “Just another yard!”

The “home” team, lost to the “away” team, by 17 shots, (107 – 124) and the scores on the doors, were as follows:-

Rink 2 = Viv Brightman, Dave Randall, Mike Charles lost to Gwyneth Charles, Dave Bushell, Rose Gibson = 15 – 17.

Rink 3 = Marc Carr, Allan Buchan, Patricia Wells drew with Sue Smith, Phil Straddling, Derrick Small = 16 – 16.

Rink 4 = Dave Clare, Heather Allan, Gill Hill lost to Pat Martin, Fred Linger, Trevor Hill = 14 – 31.

Rink 5 = Glynis Whatman, Dave Elliott, Eric Clive beat Irene Ashby, Dot Elliott, Dave Cook = 19 – 08.

Rink 6 = Lina Foster, Les Cordell, Kevin Farrell beat Fred Martineau, Jackie Cordell, John Lake = 21 – 12.

Rink 7 = Rosemary Longley, Jean Lacey, Alan Rose lost to Carol Rose, Dave Sutherland, Roy Baston = 06 – 27, (Top rink)

Rink 8 = Val Cook, Margaret King, Tom Heward beat Christine Heward, Sandra Shepherd, Patrick O’Meara = 16 – 13.

The annual match in remembrance of Vic Ashby was played on Sunday and the usual good turnout, saw 7 rinks occupied, along with guests.  In fact on rink 8, we had various people, that have all been at the Club for years, yet had never met, until today.  Before play started, all 42 players had the chance to show off their much heralded bowling abilities, by simply drawing a wood to a target mat, followed by a spider comp., with 2 of the biggest targets to aim at, ever seen.  Suffice to say it didn’t go well, so we will leave that there, but well done Dave Randall and Rosemary Longley!  As for the match itself, by enlarge the teams were evenly matched, but the “away” teams on rinks 4 and 7 were vying all afternoon for top spot. In the end, the top rink was the trio of Carol Rose, Dave Sutherland and Roy Baston, so well done to them and their names will now be added, to those of the previous year’s winners, to go on to “Vic’s bench”, at the far end of the Club.  Some solace for all on rink 4, was that theirs was the top scoring rink overall, so they went home with, half of the contents from the Tesco fruit and veg aisle!  There were some close battles elsewhere, none more so, than perhaps on rink 3, where the “away” team, manged to pick up 5 shots on the last end, to draw the match.  The one thing to benefit the most from the afternoon, was the fines pot, as over 10 wrong biases were recorded!  At the post match meal, Irene Ashby thanked all those present for a lovely afternoon, in remembrance of Vic and for taking part and presented the winners and kitchen, with gifts.  Thanks to Gemma and girls for the fine meal and to Katie Hilder for doing the bar.  Thanks also to Dave Sutherland for taking the money, (now tell me again Dave, which is the multiply button and which is the addition button, on the calculator?!) and also thanks to Dave for stepping in to play, due to a late cry off.

Kind regards, a man now needing security cover, when he goes off to the bank to pay in all the fines monies!


Sunday 31/10/21 – PARIBC v Kings BC, (meal match).

PARIBC beat Kings BC by 96 shots, (156 – 60) and the scores on the doors, were as follows:-

Rink 2 = Ted Shoot, Maureen Osborne, Mike Charles = WON 29 – 06.

Rink 3 = Gwyneth Charles, Heather Allan, Roy Baston = WON 24 – 12.

Rink 4 = Trevor Hill, Margaret King, John Langley = WON 19 – 14.

Rink 5 = Doreen Langley, Dave Adams, Tom Heward = WON 18 – 12.

Rink 6 = Fred Linger, Jean Lacey, Mick Smith = WON 40 – 04, (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 7 = Christine Heward, Tim Fletcher, Margaret Head = WON 26 – 12.

Yet more old friends, in the form of Kings BC, were welcomed back on Sunday and the usual friendly rivalry continued.  They had some new players who certainly acquitted themselves well, but the PARIBC stalwarts, matched and bettered them to give PARIBC the win, even taking into account the high tropical temperature, (no, not emanating from my shoe less feet, at the post match meal), within the Club house today, as the rains pounded down outside.  Top rink was once again skipped by Mick T Smith, who again passed the 40 shot mark.  Looks like that “T” stands for “Top”, or perhaps not, but as this is a family website, then I can’t elaborate any further!  Suffice to say, with his charges, Jean Lacey and Fred Linger, also on top form, he and they, rode off into the sunset with yet another pen, although just a pity our “T” man, does everything on line, so has no need of such ancient implements!  Elsewhere, nice to see John and Doreen Langley back playing in the meal matches and if anybody finds a table, anywhere in the Club, could they please let Doreen know, as she is certain there is one missing?  Also back for their first, (hopefully, of many), social games this season, were Mike and Gwyneth Charles, along with Ted Shoot.  It must be noted that Trevor Hill’s carbon footprint went off the scale, as he went home 3 times, to firstly get his whites, then to get his greys and finally to get his match shirt.  This is what happens when his good lady Gill is not around to get him ready for the day!  Thanks to Christine Heward, (also for her seamstress skills and wrong bias) and Tom Heward, our reserves who were called in to play, again due to cry offs.  Thanks to Gemma and girls for the fine meal, Pam Fincher, for doing the bar and dustman duties and to Dave Sutherland for taking the money and other bits and pieces, along with his good lady Fran, for all their help.

Kind regards, a man now renting living space in one of bins outside the Club.


Saturday 30/10/21 – PARIBC v Beckenham & Bromley BC, (meal match).

PARIBC lost to Beckenham & Bromley BC 23 shots, (93 – 116) and the scores on the doors, were as follows:-

Rink 2 = Lina Foster, Dave Randall / Dave Sutherland, Dave Green = LOST 11 – 24.

Rink 3 = Val Green, Pam Fincher, Dave Cook = WON 19 – 10, (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 4 = Viv Brightman, Marc Carr, Phil Cook = WON 16 – 14.

Rink 5 = Nadine Broom, Fred Linger, Dave Bushell = LOST 11 – 26.

Rink 6 = Damian Broom, Maureen Osborne, Margaret Head = LOST 11 – 19.

Rink 7 = Val Cook, Heather Allan, Tim Fletcher = WON 25 – 23.

Once again, another very competitive, yet very enjoyable match took place, against our Oppo from the outskirts of ye olde London town.  Although the overall win was theirs, the margin of victory was perhaps not as great, as in previous seasons and a close tussle played out.  None more so that on the Captain’s rink.  Here the home side were sitting pretty, till dropping 11 shots, in 2 ends, (aaaarrrggghhhh!) and it came to the last end, with the Oppo 5 up and seemingly done and dusted.  Step forward the two ladies, Val Cook and Heather, (or is it Helen?!), Allan.  They promptly put their last 6 woods, all on / around the jack and the Oppo skip, was unlucky with his 3 woods, that he didn’t change it, but did promote another home wood, from way up the rink, so giving us 7 shots on the last end and thus a win, from the jaws of defeat.  So well done ladies, for bowling well all afternoon and keeping going till the last wood.  Funny old games, this bowls malarkey!  Elsewhere, new members Nadine and Damian Broom had their first social game for the Club and did very well and more importantly, they seemed to enjoy themselves.  Thanks to Heather Allan and Fred Linger, who were the reserves, who came in after more unfortunate late cry offs and to the one armed bandit, Dave Sutherland, for playing the second half of the match on rink 2, when Dave Randall took ill. Get well soon, Mr R.  Thanks to Gemma and girls for the lovely meal, to Sue Smith, for her bar duty exploits, Dave Sutherland for taking the money and his good lady Fran, for doing all the other bits and pieces, off the green, that have to be done on the day, to make the day run as smooth as it can…or something close to it!.  Finally, thanks to all those who played out of position, as we continue to struggle with having numerous leads, but very few 2’s and skips.  The PARIBC “back end”, could be a problem all season………in a bowls sense I mean!

Kind regards, a skip with a win at last, it has only taken 6 years!


Thursday 28/10/21 – PARIBC v Wrotham BC, (tea and biccies match).

PARIBC beat Wrotham BC by 75 shots, (133 – 58) and the scores on the doors, were as follows:-

Rink 2 = Lina Foster, Marc Carr, Rose Gibson = WON 32 – 05, (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 3 = Linda Barnett, Ron Gee, Margaret Head = WON 19 – 13.

Rink 4 = Glynis Whatman, Margaret King, Dave Green = WON 16 – 13.

Rink 5 = Val Green, Maureen Osborne, Roy Baston = WON 30 – 05.

Rink 6 = Margaret Laraman, Keith Martin, Patricia Wells = WON 22 – 11.

Rink 7 = Val Hart, Jean Lacey, Tim Fletcher = WON 14 – 11.

Let’ s start with the usual long list of thanks: Thanks to Ron Gee and Keith Martin, for stepping in at the last minute, due to cry offs and to Patrick O’Meara for kindly turning out for the Oppo, as they lost a player the previous evening; to Gemma and girls for the tea and biccies and to Pam Fincher, for doing the bar and to Glynis Whatman and Maureen Osborne for taking the money.  An enjoyable social afternoon, against friendly Oppo, panned out and resulted in a comfortable home victory.  Wins for all rinks, with top rink taken by Rose Gibson, (her usual admirable fine win), ably supported by team mates, Lina Foster and Marc Carr, the latter yet still to lose………that will soon change!  Elsewhere, with Patrick O’Meara playing skip, for the Oppo, he was up against our very own, height adjusted, Patricia Wells and so the battle of the Pat’s, turned more into the battle of the “chats”, with the female winning, by having more County appearances stories to tell, (yawn!), than the male!  Top Trumps anybody?!  The only other incident was, when one of the Opoo lost his footing and took a nasty looking tumble into the ditch.  Luckily no serious injury was sustained and he was okay to carry on and with Maureen Osborne playing on his rink, he was soon chatted back to good health!

Kind regards, a man who now has even more respect for Roy Baston!


Sunday 24/10/21 – PARIBC v Thames Sport BC, (meal match).

PARIBC beat Thames Sport BC by 129 shots, (173 – 44) and the scores on the doors, were as follows:-

Rink 2 = Richard Booth, Sue Smith, Rose Gibson = WON 21 – 10.

Rink 3 = Marc Carr, Fred Linger, Margaret Head = WON 31 – 05.

Rink 4 = Val Green, Heather Allan, Dave Cook = WON 35 – 09.

Rink 5 = Deidre Williams, Dave Adams, Mick Smith = WON 42 – 02, (Top, PARIBC rink).

Rink 6 = Trevor Hill, Maureen Osborne, Rosemary Longley = WON 35 – 02.

Rink 7 = Janice Hatcher, Tim Fletcher, Gill Hill = LOST 09 – 16.

Firstly, huge, huge, thanks to Deidre Williams and Mick Smith, who came in at the very last minute, after I received 2 late cry offs, at around 11.45 a.m. on the day of the game.  They kindly changed their plans and agreed to play, so that is all my favours for the season used up and we are only in October!  Our 2 set reserves, Linda Barnett and Glynis Williams, had already made other plans for the day, which at that late stage, was fair enough and not a problem and their names, as per normal, will be the first to be picked, for the next game.  Once again, off the green problems with new processes and admin, (for anybody remotely interested, IT AIN’T WORKING!!!), meant the captain of the day spent more time off the green, than on it and this is reflected in the fact, that his was the only losing rink, because it meant the two ladies, Janice Hatcher and Gill Hill, were to all intents and purposes, bowling as a team of two, up against a very good team of three.  Despite this, Janice bowled very well, yet beats herself up, when she doesn’t get every wood to within one inch of the jack, (yet her woods were always there or thereabouts, in good positions) and Gill was drawing sublimely on both hands, so they both certainly put up a good fight!  Meanwhile, our other rinks went shot crazy, with some huge margins of victory.  Obviously getting their claims in early, for this season’s trophies!  So well done to them all for bowling so well, throughout the match.  Despite the ongoing, off the green, problems, (once again, for anybody remotely interested, IT AIN’T WORKING!!!), hopefully a good afternoon was had by all and it was very nice to see some familiar faces back from Thames Sport BC, who are a very friendly and social Club indeed and scores aside, seemed to enjoy themselves, with a smile on their faces and many a drink in their hand!  Thanks to Gemma and girls for the lovely meal and for again sorting out the paperwork mess, (and for winning the raffle!), to Pam Fincher for her efforts on bar duty and to current “one armed bandit”, Dave Sutherland, who took the monies and will hopefully be back bowling again very soon.  Thanks also to all those who helped out with the other bits and pieces and to our 2 supporters, Gloria Smith and Fran Sutherland for once again, managing to stay awake, just about, for the whole match!

Kind regards, a man who failed his waiter’s exams, yet still kept waffling, (and ice cream), on!


Saturday 16/10/21 – KML – PARIBC men v Stonelodge IBC men, (meal match).

PARIBC men lost to Stonelodge IBC men by 37 shots, (91 – 128), gaining two league points, (02 – 08), in their second match, of the Kent Men’s League and the scores on the doors, were as follows:-

Rink 2 = Dave Randall, Keith Martin, Mick Barnard, Mick Smith = WON 25 – 13, (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 3 = Joe Major, Paul Kenney, Derrick Small, Norman Bushell = LOST 07 – 22.

Rink 4 = Ray Rowe, Dave Bushell, Tim Fletcher, Ben Holland = LOST 10 – 35.

Rink 5 = Tom Heward, Barry Bushell, Eric Clive, Kevin Farrell = LOST 14 – 22.

Rink 6 = Peter Edwards, Brian Rance, Mick Fisher, Colin Cannon = LOST 13 – 21.

Rink 7 = Phil Cook, Bob Louden, Patrick O’Meara, Fran Hammell = WON 29 – 15, but lose 25%, due to a PARIBC player no show, so WON 22 – 15.

Another home KML match, another defeat and another captain.  Bit of a pattern emerging here, but more home shots scored and more points gained, than last time, so a couple of pluses to take out of the day!  There were also good wins on the rinks led by Mick T Smith and Fran Hammell, but a PARIBC player no show, on the day, on the latter rink, didn’t help.  And there may as well have only been 3 players on the Captains rink, led by Ben Holland, as the Captain of the day, spent more of his time off the green than on it, trying to sort out all the non – bowls problems.  Having said that, number 2, Dave Bushell, on this rink, had a very consistent game indeed, but a very good Oppo side on this rink especially, countered and bettered all that we did and thoroughly deserved their huge margin of victory, as they handed out a bowls lesson.  And the near 40 shot victory overall, was fully deserved by a strong Oppo squad, who are looking to better their top 3 league finish, from last time.

As said, off the green, loads of problems that didn’t show the Club in a good light at all and a general embarrassment all round for PARIBC, with many an apology being offered, on a regular basis, throughout the day!  Huge thanks to Gemma and her girls, for the lovely meals and for sorting out the whole paperwork fiasco, whilst coping with no dishwasher and to Katie Hilder, for her sterling efforts on bar duty and with that paperwork as well.  Thanks also to Ben Holland for taking the monies and to Mick Fisher for doing the cards and finally, thanks to the two lovely ladies, namely Janet Small and Gloria Smith, who sorted out all the visitors meals and drinks, for counting the dosh and doing other bits, much appreciated!  Next KML game is in November, when Ashford IBC will be the visitors.

Kind regards, the MD and major shareholder of local firm, “Forms – R – Us”!


Saturday 09/10/21 – KML – PARIBC Men v Deangate Ridge IBC men, (tea and biccies match).

PARIBC men lost to Deangate Ridge IBC men, by 42 shots, (86 – 128), only gaining a single league point, (01 – 09), in their opening match, of the Kent Men’s League and the scores on the doors were as follows:

Rink 3 = Allan Buchan, Phil Cook, Kevin Mooney, Fran Hammell = LOST 15 – 25.

Rink 4 = Chris Davis, Dave Green Bob Louden, Kevin Farrell = LOST 16 – 27.

Rink 5 = Joe Major, Gary Payne, Derrick Small, Norman Bushell = LOST 12 – 32.

Rink 6 = Peter Edwards, Brian Rance, Ben Holland, Ray Deniss = WON 30 – 17, (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 7 = Dave Randall, Tim Fletcher, Tom Heward, Dave Cook = LOST 13 – 27.

Playing against the current KML champions, first up, was going to be hard enough, but it certainly wasn’t helped by the fact that PARIBC were only able to field 5, out of the 6 rinks required and so went into the match, already 10 shots down and also a league point lost, before a wood had even been bowled, (10 shots and 1 league point lost, for every rink, out of the maximum 6 rinks, that a Club fails to provide for) and all for the sake that 2 extra men could not be found, to make up the full complement of 6 rinks, having 22 names down on the call up sheet.  Thanks to Dave Bushell and Mick Fisher, who were the 2 “reserves”, who didn’t get a game today.  PARIBC’s solitary rink win, came under Ray Deniss’s leadership, on rink 6, but no matter how hard the other rinks tried, (Dave Randall, on rink 7, playing his first KML match, had a particularly good game, with consistent bowls throughout), they all succumbed to the better bowling, from a strong oppo side, who fully deserved their opening day victory, so well done to them.  Huge thanks to Kevin Farrell, for stepping in, at the very last minute to captain the day and thanks as well to Gemma and girls, for the catering and Pam Fincher, for doing the bar.  Next week, Stone Lodge IBC, are the visitors to PARIBC, in the KML.

Kind regards, a man still trying to make sense out of the pre and post – match “chaos”!


Wednesday 13/10/21 – PARIBC v Kingfisher BC, (meal match).  *** MATCH NOW CANCELLED.***

This match has been cancelled by Kingfisher BC, who are unable to raise a team and as such, have also cancelled their other match against PARIBC, due to be played in November 2021.  A huge shame, as these matches were always very sociable affairs, but perhaps is a sign of the current times that we are in.  Thanks to all those PARIBC members who signed up for this match.


Sunday 03/10/21 – PARIBC v Cliffe BC, (tea and biccies match).

PARIBC beat Cliffe BC by 88 shots, (153 – 65), in the opening match of the 2021 / 22 winter social season and the scores on the doors, were as follows:-

Rink 2 = Val Green, Dave Adams, Derek Abbott = LOST 14 – 15.

Rink 3 = Carol Rose, Dave Bushell, Jenny Abbott = WON 38 – 12 (Top PARIBC rink).

Rink 4 = Dave Randall, Alan Rose, Margaret Head = WON 29 – 06.

Rink 5 = Viv Brightman, Nicky Gausby, Trevor Hill = WON 28 – 13.

Rink 6 = Dave Green, Maureen Osborne, Gill Hill = WON 21 – 05.

Rink 7 = Val Hart, Tim Fletcher, Norman Bushell = WON 23 – 14.

Nice to welcome new members, Carol and Alan Rose, (ex – Mote Park IBC), who I am informed, both had brilliant games, on some high scoring home rinks, as PARIBC strolled to a comfortable win overall.  But regardless of the result, it was nice to be back, playing “usual” bowls again,  against a very friendly and social Oppo.  My thanks to Dave Adams and Dave Randall for stepping in at the last minute, due to cry offs and to the latter, for taking the money on the day.  Thanks also to Norman Bushell for changing positions and playing as a skip, much appreciated.  He was another, who had a very good game, I think mainly because he ignored, (and quite rightly so), all the instructions and so called advice, of his number 2 and was correct to do so!  Finally, thanks to the new caterers for the tea and biccies and to Katie Hilder, for doing the bar.  The only down side was that post match, there were more Oppo left in the bar, than PARIBC members, so not a good show from the home team.  Must do better on that front!

Kind regards, the worst bowler in the Club, now apparently at the helm!


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