Club Fixtures Summer

Please see Below for the Team Selection Sheets and Club Summer Fixtures

2022 Summer season, social match team selections, (as at Mon 12/09/22).

Matches are tea and biccies and 2pm starts, unless otherwise shown.  Please see notice boards at Club, to tick and confirm your names.  If you can’t play, please inform the Club, do not just cross you name(s), off the lists.  Thank you!



Wed 14/09/22 = Thanet IBC (home).

Rink 02 = Ray Ecclestone, Margaret King, Dave Green. 

Rink 03 = Trevor Hill, Maureen Osborne, Janice Hatcher. 

Rink 04 = Val Green, Colin Briggs, Dave Sutherland. 

Rink 05 = Val Hart, Peter Edwards, Derrick Small. 

Rink 06 = Mike R Smith, John Pursey, Patricia Wells. 

Rink 07 = Elaine Beard, Sandra Shepherd, Tim Fletcher. 

Reserves, (in alphabetical order) = Rosemary Longley, Kevin Mooney.


Sat 17/09/22 = Royals IBC (away).

Rink TBA = Trevor Hill, Karen Baker, Dave Cook. 

Rink TBA = Sue Smith, Derrick Small, Margaret Head. 

Rink TBA = Val Cook, Dave Sutherland, Dot Elliott. 

Rink TBA = Maureen Osborne, Deidre Williams, Marc Carr. 

Rink TBA = Glynis Whatman, Janice Hatcher, Eric Clive. 

Rink TBA = Dave Randall, Patricia Wells, Tim Fletcher. 

Reserves, (in alphabetical order) = Mike R Smith.


Please see here for the 2022 / 23 Winter season, match fixtures, (starting next month, in October 2022), so keep checking the notice board for the call up sheets and sign your name(s) up, if you want to play, in any of the matches.


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