Internal Competitions

The 2021 / 22, winter season internal competitions, have now all been drawn, (as at January 2022) and are all now all listed and posted, on the Competitions noticeboard, which is situated at the end of rink number one.

If you have entered any comps., then please check this noticeboard, to see the draws and to check when you are playing.  Please note that some comps. have, “play on” dates and some comps. have, “play by” dates, so please check very carefully.  You will also need to check the dates of the Finals weekend themselves, to ensure that you will be obviously be available, should you reach the aforementioned finals.  Any problems, then please speak with the Competitions Secretary, Mick Day, in person.

Thank you all for entering the various comps. and the very best of luck, to all entrants!

(PARIBC – JAN 2022).

Just a very quick email to update you with all the winners, from the delayed 2019 / 2020 winter season PARIBC Finals, that were eventually played over the course of Tues 28/12/21 and Wed 29/12/21.  These comps. were put on hold, when the pandemic struck and the Club closed down, back in March 2020 and eventually, after a delay of over a year and 9 months, (as we waited for the pandemic situation to ease), they have been completed.

Thanks to all the very hard work and effort put in by Mick Day, who managed to sort out, getting the comps. re – started, from the various stages, that they had been paused at.  Where required, he managed to get teams re – jigged and people notified about what was happening and when, culminating in his well run and organized, two days of Finals, to give us all, our worthy champions, as listed below.  Not only that, but he has already sorted out and organized the 2021 / 2022 winter season comps. and all the details and draws for these, can be found on the notice board, by the end of rink 1.  So well done that man!

Congratulations not only to all the listed winners, but to all those who reached the finals and also all those, who took part in all the various comps. from round 1.  The biggest winner from these two days was probably our ladies captain, Deidre Williams, whose bowling prowess, (and lucky socks!), saw her play in 7 finals, meaning that she played virtually all day, on both days, thus camping out at the Club for 48 hours, rather than going home.  It obviously worked, as she won 5 out of 7, which is a very good return, but she has now said she doesn’t want to see another wood, jack, mat or bowling green, till about March 2022!

Thanks to the President, Jim Masters, who supported the event on both days and to all those members and friends, who popped in at some time, to offer their support.  It was very much appreciated by all the finalists.  Thanks also to all those who acted as markers for the matches and thanks as well, to Gemma and girls, for the fine buffet spread, at the end of the second day and to Sue Smith and Marc Carr for updating the Comp. certificates, that are posted on the winners board, in the restaurant area.

Ladies singles = Margaret Head. *

Ladies drawn triples = Sue Smith, Dot Elliott, Lynette Stock.

Ladies drawn rinks = Val Hart, Rosemary Longley, Glynis Whatman, Deidre Williams.

Ladies 100 Up = Deidre Williams.

Men’s singles = Mick Day. *

Men’s pairs = Kevin Farrell, Jim Coleman.

Men’s drawn triples = Bob Louden, Mick Day, Eric Clive.

Men’s drawn rinks = Marc Carr, Chris Davis, Tim Fletcher, John Lake.

Men’s 100 Up = Kevin Farrell.

Mixed pairs = Deidre Williams, John Lake.

Mixed triples = Danny Cox, Deidre Williams, John Lake.

Mixed rinks = Deidre Williams, Pat Wells, Mick Fisher, Kevin Farrell.

Terry Richardson = Marc Carr.

Bryn Jones 2 wood = Mick Day.

(* The ladies and men’s single comps. had been decided earlier in the year, in order to meet National comps. entry requirements.  But the 2 matches were played again, at these Finals, to round off the 2 day event, in the usual way.  Mick Day again beating John Lake, whilst Lynette Stock beat Margaret Head, but it is the 2 original winners, whose names will appear on the winners boards).

PARIBC – Thurs 30/12/21.

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