If you are interested in becoming a member please phone the Club on 01634-281243 to arrange a practice session with bowls and overshoes.

If you are still not sure you can arrange a casual roll up and pay a visitor fee of £2 plus £2.50 per hour or part thereof.

With effect from 1st September 2023 The annual fee will be £90 for bowling members & £12 for social members to be paid by the 1st.September of each year.

With effect from 10th January 2022 the rink fees are as follows:
£5.00 per player for League & Organised Roll Ups irrespective of the number of players
Individually booked Roll Ups £2.50 per hour or pro-rata
Fish & Chip Roll Up Friday night £5.00


Regular coaching sessions are held by our fully qualified coaches under the latest EIBA coaching rules:

Lynette Stock = Level  2

Carole Coulthard = Level 1

Mike Williams = Level 1

Tim Fletcher = Level 1

Pam Fincher = Level 1

If you require any assistance from our coaching team, please contact the Club.

Young or old everyone’s welcome – why not give it a try.

Page Last Updated on 17th Jul 2023