Mens Kent League

Men’s Kent League

PARIBC Mens Kent League

Organiser/Selector: Pat O’Meara

This League is not about picking the so called “Best” players. We want players of every level to put their names forward and enjoy playing against other clubs in the Kent League.

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Team Selection


Match Reports….v Royals…..v Mote Park.

               Two more very enjoyable matches, both played in excellent spirit and good humour. We lost both matches fairly heavily ie..Royals 2 – 8….Mote 1 – 9..We at Prince Arthur must be made of sterner stuff in the manner we handle these devastating results yet retain such a fantastic team spirit.

                Our top rinks for these two matches were as follows…. v Royals…Bob Louden, Brian Gee, Dave Risbridger and myself…. and Mote was Bob Bromley, Ray Ecclestone, Dave Randall and Mick Day. 

                 The new meals system appears to be working well and the Mote Captain said it was the best meal they had been served this season. 

                 So its onwards and upwards and let’s hope we see some new and/or revitalised names coming forward to support our club in the Kent League.

Matches v………..Mote Park 8th November and Ashford 12th November 

                    Well that was a hectic week with a 0 – 10 loss to championship contenders Mote Park on Wednesday followed by a happier 7 – 3 win against Ashford who last year finished mid – table. 

                   Playing away at Mote Park was  always going to be difficult and so it proved. Well done to all those who took one on the chin for Prince Arthur that day. A happier day yesterday against Ashford. A good win for us even giving away one rink. 

                 Our best performing rink against Mote was the rink skipped by Jim Coleman, who was ably supported by M.R Smith,Ray Ecclestone and Dave (wrong bias) Randall. Playing with Dave must have affected Ray as he proceeded to bowl TWO wrong bias woods against Mote PLUS one yesterday against Ashford. Dave (wrong bias) must have  took issue with this as he protected his reputation with a wrong bias of his own. 

                  A big shock for all when , against Ashford, not only did the Captains rink win but it was also our best winning rink. I was, more than ably assisted by grandson Tommy, Chris Lewis and Marc Carr.                           It seems that at every match we have people stepping in at the last moment . These last two matches I had last minute appearances from Brian Gee and Dennis Elven….thanks guys.   

                 The Ashford game was our second that featured the “new” buffet meal system. Once again I thought it went very well. I’m sure Gemma would be happy to have any polite feedback. I’d also like to thank Sue who had control of the bar in her usual friendly manner. She even offered to identify as a man were we to be one short for the match. Thanks also to Marc for his help which included collecting the money and Mick Day for selling the football card along with his general support.

               As I write this report I have also just finalised a team for next Sunday , home to Swale. Thanks to all those who have put their names down for this match. Before this weekend Swale had played two, having won one and lost one. Another scalp for the Arthur???

Pat O’Meara 

PARIBC v Thanet IBC …….29TH October 2023

           Thanet are one of the clubs that have left the Kent League and as we wish to support those clubs having left the league we retain this fixture as a friendly. 

            In agreement with Thanet we changed the format to 6 x triples as this seems to be more popular than rinks. It was another great match pitching two Kent clubs in friendly battle. If I score it as if it were a Kent league game then we would have lost the match 6 – 4. We won our 4 points by winning on 4 of the rinks but the two points Thanet won for their two winning rinks was boosted by the 4 points available for having the highest aggregate total. So a 6 – 4 defeat away from home…..not too shabby.

            Our top rink consisted of Steve Timcke, Dennis Elven and skip Derek Abbott. A close fought match where 15 of the 18 ends scored only 1 or 2 points with a final victory at 18 – 14. 

           Let me also mention Ray Ecclestone….a man of integrity and honour. He volunteered himself to me as the perpetrator of not one but two wrong biases ( yes I did check the spelling)..not only that but unprompted paid his £1 penalty.

          Our next match is a Kent league game away to Mote on Wednesday 8th November. This will be 5 Rinks. The last time I looked we nearly had our required number….just two more were required. I’m going next to club tomorrow…Tuesday…when I’ll update situation.

          Well done all….onward and upward to Mote.

Match v Stonelodge..Dartford October 14th

              Before I mention any detail on the match itself I need to I need to update the current state of the Kent league itself. 

              There is some turmoil within the league that has forced 3 or 4 clubs to actually resign from the league. Prince Arthur supports the view of these clubs and the likely outcome is that next season they will form a new triples league which we will most likely join. For the remainder of this season those clubs that have left are hoping to arrange friendly matches with all the other clubs. Stonelodge are one of the clubs that have left and naturally we agreed to turn this seasons Kent league fixture into a friendly.

              I feel it is important to support these breakaway clubs by agreeing to retain our fixtures with them. Stonelodge yesterday was the first of these clubs and it was a very enjoyable match and I thank all our players for supporting the fixture.

              First to the result : had it been a Kent league game we would have won 6 – 4…99 – 86 which considering we would have been giving away the score on the rink we conceded was a good, resolute performance. Being a friendly, and therefore not conceding a rink we won 99 – 76. However they won 3 rinks to our 2. My thanks go to Bob Louden for covering a player withdrawal on Friday….phew, and also Steve Timcke for joining the team following a withdrawal on the Thursday.

              It’s always very rewarding witnessing the good humour and banter in our matches and that’s how it appeared to me from my rink. It’s lovely shaking hands with old foes and doing battle.

             There were several reasons for our win but the greatest was the manner of our victory on the rink led by Tony Whitelock, ably assisted by Dave Sutherland, Brian Rance and Fran Hummel they romped home 30 – 9. That huge margin virtually guaranteed the overall aggregate success of the team. But as we always say ….when you are losing keep fighting and stay as close to their score as you can. And so it was with our losing rinks. Derek Abbott with Tom Heward, Ian Lucas and Dave Clare only losing on the last end and Bob Louden with Dave (wrong bias) Randall, Ray Ecclestone and Mike Charles also only losing it on the last end. 

                The next few call up sheets are on the board gents. Our next is against Thanet. They are also one of the breakaway clubs which makes this a friendly. I have agreed with Thanet to play this as a match of 6 triples. I hope you are all ok with this. 

                 Yesterday’s match was our first with our new buffet style post match meal. I was really nervous how this would go and was only prevented from collapse by the confidence of Gemma and mum Max in the kitchen. It went really well and when the girls were complimented during the Captains speeches I have never experienced such a huge cheer from the teams. It was deafening. Well done Gemma and max. On speaking to Pam behind the bar, who done a great job, as usual I have to say, she said the bar take was also very good. 

                 So all in all a great days bowls….it even went pretty smoothly for my financial workhorse Dave Sutherland who once again provided me with all the financial totals I craved. It’s good luck now to Dave who will be missing from Kent league for a bit as he is undergoing a shoulder operation next Wednesday 18th October. Come back soon Dave….

                 Finally a mention to Tony Whitelock who gives me an open invitation to assist me whenever I need it. So when all had departed he gave me one last check before he left and was “rewarded” by clearing the scoreboard in readiness for the next match. Lol….that’ll teach you!

                   Pat O’Meara 

                       Kent League Captain

PARIBC v Royal Tunbridge Wells Wednesday 11th October..

     This was our 2nd match of the season and our first away game. Improvement on our result against Deangate seemed inevitable considering we lost that one 10 -0…We achieved that improvement..just….as we lost 8 and a half to 1 and a half. So a one and a half point improvement. Our top and only winning rink was Norman Bushell,Trevor Hill,Phil Cook and Tom Mansfield. I’m confident all the team chipped in but according to his teammates Tom in particular gave an outstanding performance. ( that’s worth £10 )

             We almost had 2 points but Kevin Farrell, Derek Abbott, Dennis Elven and Dave Randall were just held in a 17-17 draw. Which reminds me that I forgot to mention Dave Randall’s wrong bias against Deangate. (Just in case he gets big headed) lol.

             So on Saturday we entertain Stonelodge and have our first buffet style meal. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly. Don’t go mad….please leave some for our guests. 

             Once again we acquitted ourselves well and on foreign soil so I applaud the team. See you Saturday for more punishment?

PARIBC Men v Deangate

Hi All,

         Well the stark facts of the matter are not pretty on the eye….we lost 10 – 0.  However, for modern day, post covid Prince Arthur that is only half the story.

         The day was a success on two fronts. Firstly we managed to honour the fixture. Bearing in mind it was our first match of the season and against last years league winners we get a slap on the back for that one. Secondly, we enjoyed an afternoon of bowls re establishing old acquaintances from past years and cultivating new ones. Certainly I remembered the gent I shared my rink with…..his prowess with the woods had to be admired and his team were a cut above us also. They also demonstrated “how“ to win. No hint of aloofness or poor sportsmanship. So I congratulate Barry and his team on my rink for helping to make our loss bearable.

             As I looked up and down the rinks I had to admire the fight being put up by our team. The biggest losing margin was 19 points and that was shared by 3 of our rinks ( one of which I later decided to award top rink….OMG ). I don’t know about you but I felt that was a great effort. The team of Dave Cook,Mike Charles, Dave Gentle and Steve Timcke  were our actual top rink….losing by only 7 points. Well done guys..

              Somebody ( I wonder who ) managed to get to 2pm start time before it was realised no tea/coffee slips had been put out. Thanks to all who managed to ensure we all got a hot drink after nine ends. Thanks also to Sue and Gemma/ Max for their help.

               No one was more resolute on the day than my sidekick Dave Sutherland. His help each match day is invaluable.

               So I’ll finish by congratulating all those playing in different positions in their teams than perhaps they were expecting and selfishly congratulate my 9 year old grandson Tommy who led on my rink and done himself ( and club coach Lynette ) proud. Good fighting spirit once again from paribc.

                Pat O’Meara.

                        Kent League Captain.



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