Musings From the Chair

Hi Everyone,

Are you sitting comfortably, here are some dates for your diaries, yes the diary and calendar are back in use again after being redundant for over a year, I know, I know some of you use your ‘phones. Also, a plea for help, yes, another one!

It was so good to see most of you back bowling and enjoying being out socialising again.

The first date is Tuesday 8th June 7 pm. Lynette will be holding another social evening. An evening to play bingo, take part in a quiz and generally having fun. So come along and support her, remember it is for the club as well.

The second date is the AGM will be held on the Tuesday 27th July 7 pm. You will see the notices regarding the AGM up on the board. I have “borrowed”, well purloined really, the ladies board. Well, they are not using it at the moment so it might as well be put to good use. Please read it and if you have any queries, please ask a Director. Remember, this is for you, the members, to have their say.

Last, but not least, my plea for help. On Tuesday afternoons we have the blind bowlers using three rinks and some other rinks are being used as well. I do the tea run on this occasion, but I do need help, so if someone can give a couple of hours on a Tuesday afternoon it will be much appreciated.

One last thing, then you can get back to the hoovering, dusting etc. When putting your names up for matches, please put the position you prefer play.  This cannot be guaranteed but we will do our best to accommodate you.

Take care all of you.


Page Last Updated on 3rd Jun 2021