National Team Competitions

Current Competitions

The draws for the National Team Comps., for the 2021 / 22 season, are as follows:-

MEN’S DENNY CUP = Drawn against Swale IBC, on 23/10/21. Losers of this match, go into the plate comp., whilst winners go on to play either Deangate IBC, or Mote Park IBC, on 06/11/21.

MEN’S OVER 60 INTER – CLUB DOUBLE RINKS TROPHY = Drawn against Mote Park IBC on 19/10/21.  Winners to play Swale IBC, on 09/11/21

EGHAM TROPHY = Drawn against Deangate IBC , on 17/10/21.  Winners to play either Folkestone IBC, or Swale IBC, on 31/10/21.

TOP CLUB TROPHY = Drawn against Swale IBC, on 24/10/21.  Winners to play either Bromley IBC, or Stone Lodge IBC, on 21/11/21.

YETTON TROPHY = Drawn against Ashford IBC, on 23/10/21.  Losers of this match, go into the plate comp., whilst winners go on to play either Mote Park IBC, or Oyster IBC, on 06/11/21.

MASON TROPHY = Drawn against Oyster “B”, on 05/11/21.  Winners to play either Deangate IBC, or Swale IBC, on 26/11/21.

In the 2021 / 22 season, in the various National singles, pairs, triples, fours and mixed, comps., PARIBC have the following entrants, James Coleman, Michael Fisher, John Lake and Lynette Stock, (and respective team mates) and if you go to the EIBA website, you can see who they are playing against, by clicking on each comp. and searching for matches in “AREA 12”, which covers PARIBC.  If you look closely, you will also see how, with a fair wind and lots of luck, the draw for one comp., has been very kind to one of our entrants, putting them straight through to the local area final.  Just proving that if you don’t enter, then you never know.  Good luck to all the PARIBC representatives, in both the individual and team comps – 26/08/21.

We enter the following National Team competitions :

  • The Denny Cup, a Men’s competition.
  • The Men’s Over 60 Inter-Club Double Rink.
  • The Egham Trophy, a mixed competition.
  • The Top Club competition which is mixed.
  • The Yetton Trophy, a Ladies competition.
  • The  Mason Trophy which is the Ladies Over 60 Inter-Club Double Rink

We enter the following County Team competitions :

  • The Valanndor which is a Ladies County Competition
  • The Dudley Hoile which is a Men’s County Competition
  • Kent Ladies League
  • Kent Men’s League

Selections for Egham Sunday 27th October

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