PARIBC Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations

Thurs 02/06/22 – PARIBC Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, internal, fun afternoon. 

A superb turn out, saw 60 members bedecked in red, white and blue, arrive on the Bank hols Thurs, for what was billed as an afternoon of fun filled bowling on the PARIBC green, to go along with the weekend of the Queens Jubilee celebrations.  Unfortunately the “F” words, (no, not what you are thinking!), but  “fun” and “Fletcher”, (organiser for the day), don’t go well and it was more a case of 60 confused and dazed patrons, with questions like, “who am I and why am I here?” and “is it tea time yet?”  Anyway, the first session of 10 mixed ends of behind the jack bowling, wrong hand bowling and boccia bowling, meant that the tea break was welcomed like never before!  The post – tea break session of 10 ends of normal bowling was more like it, even if a calculator, computer, as well as all fingers and toes, were required for the adding up in the last 2 ends, when all the woods counted in the scoring.   Despite the odd moan, groan and look of bewilderment, (and that was just from the organiser!), the general consensus was that it went okay…ish, but as usual and in all seriousness, these things only work if they are supported and today, that support was magnificent, so on behalf of the Club, thank you, one and all.  The overall winners, who in fact won both sessions as well, were the team of Val Cook, Geoff Cooper, Lesley Bell and Roy Baston, so well done to them and just to make it clear, skip Roy Baston did not say he remembered when Queen Victoria was on the throne.  He is not quite that old, but getting there!  Tin of beans anybody?!  The loose change, shrapnel pot, continues to grow, (despite nobody paying for any of the 25 odd wrong biases, that were bowled during the afternoon?!) and you will get a chance to win that back in the near future, but contributions still readily accepted, so keep handing it in!  Also well done to 18 or so, who won in the tea time fruit raffle.

Huge thanks are due to Paul Davis and his four femme fatale entourage of helpers, Julia Edwards, Janet Small, Fran Sutherland and Glynis Whatman for doing the teas and refreshments.  (See the pic, amongst the many, to see just how “happy” they look, as they take a break from their afternoon’s work!). Thanks to Dot Elliott for the huge cake she made for the teas, very tasty, nutty and filling…that is the cake, not Dot’s hubby Dave…although then again?!  Thanks also to Dave Sutherland for dropping out of the main event to play in a rink of pairs, when our numbers didn’t tally, as more people came in after closing.  And thanks also to Chairman, Glynis Whatman, for covering both the organiser and the injured, Dave Elliott.  Ta very much as well, to Sue Smith, who not only took all the attached pics, but also for making the fruit punch that went down a storm, especially liked by Fran Sutherland apparently.  Hey, hey, that is fruity Fran for you!  And thanks to Brenda Williams for making the Jubilee cake, that was raffled off by people guessing its weight. The winner of this comp., was Becky from the main office, so well done to her.  Who knew that old set of parcels scales we still have in the main office, would one day come in useful…ooops!  And that was it for another Jubilee, see you all for the next one.  And to quote those great wordsmiths of our time, the Sex Pistols, “God Save The Queen”!

Kind regards, from a man lying down in a darkened room, with the sound of whale music in the background, supping the dregs, from the fruit punch jug!


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