President’s Game 2024

Sat 30/03/24: President’s Game.

Having had their fill of chocolate the day before, 51 hardy souls gathered at the Club for the annual President’s Day event, on Easter Sat.  Unfortunately thanks to yet another no show for an internal match, (see Vic Ashby game), one person just couldn’t be bothered to turn up, or even ring in, to say they not coming.  Thus all planning, (what planning?), goes out the window and a late start meant we were always playing catch up, but never did, so an even later sit down for the meal and a whole day of frustration and wasted effort all round.  This, compounded with the lady supporters going rogue over seating arrangements at the meal, meant this was not the best of days!  But hey ho, these things will keep.  My thanks to the 16 people, (all off to Potters), who split into 4 x 4’s to play a rinks comp., whilst the others played a convoluted and at times confusing, (for them!), round robin, mixed triples comp., moving rinks and playing different teams.  Winners and undefeated all afternoon were the triple of Lesley Clark, Derrick Small and Mike Charles and you can see them collecting the “Jim Masters Trophy” from the Prez, in the picture below, kindly taken by Heather Allan.  So, not a bad comeback for Lesley, having not really played for over 5 years, more silverware for Derrick, to add to his collection and Mike, well, “just happy to be there”, he said!  Winners of the rinks comp., were Dave Elliott, Sue Smith, Marc Carr and Dot Elliott, also undefeated, but losing out on shots difference to the winning triple, all teams having played the same number of ends.  In overall terms, with half the players representing the Prez and the other half representing the Capt., then when the scores were sorted, it was the Capt’s team that triumphed yet again, although with Club trophies not allowed to be engraved, you will just have to take my word for it, when you are asked in years to come!  As if anybody cares anyway?  Exactly!  Winners of the pre match spider were Dave Randall and Marc Carr, with the former yet again proving that you give him any old wood and he will triumph, (“melon please”!), whilst the latter was just happy to give his wood away!  Just 2 wrong biases today, both by the same lady, so thank you to Rosemary Longley for keeping the pot topped up and we look forward to receiving your fine in due course!  Thanks to Gemma, Max and Amy for the food, to Sue Smith and Marc Carr for doing the bar, (as well as doubling up and playing), as we had no bar lady today, as she had “got the boot”…well a surgical one, coz she has broken her ankle, (get well soon Pam!), thanks to Dave Sutherland for taking the dosh and to Glynis Whatman for locking up. 

(Left to right), PARIBC President, Dave Elliott, presents the “Jim Master’s Trophy”, to Lesley Clark, Derrick Small and Mike Charles.  Triple winners on the day and also representing the winning Captain’s team, overall – 30/03/24, (pic. kindly taken by Heather Allan).


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