Vic Ashby Match 05/11/2022

05/11/22 – Vic Ashby memorial match.

On Saturday, a splendid turnout of 42 members and 3 guests, gathered for the annual, “just another yard”, internal match, in memory of Vic Ashby and the usual social and very noisy afternoon played out, across the 7 rinks of triples, with the overall winners, being the team of Janice Hatcher, Fred Martineau and John Lake.  Across all rinks, the good humoured banter, both given and taken, was very noticeable, as all seemed to enjoy the afternoon, (even those who had misdemeanours, but didn’t pay their fine!) and also nice to welcome new members, Sid Kingman and Henry & Pat Longhurst, who had signed up for the match.  The pre – match spider, with a twist, managed to completely baffle all concerned, (it doesn’t take much!), but the winners were suitably rewarded for their efforts and in the fruit draw, for each table, these winners were also guaranteed to go home with their vitamin C levels maintained and enhanced, for at least another week.  The Club seen to be doing its bit, to look after the elderly!  Thanks to Gemma and girls in the kitchen for the lovely post – match meal, to Katie Hilder for bar duties and also to Sue Smith, for the attached, pics of the day.

With the game slipping away, Irene Ashby and Dave Cook, decide they would be better off auditioning for “Strictly”, rather than playing bowls!  This proves too much for John Lake and Janice Hatcher, as they head off in opposite directions, as for them, there is still a game to be won, whilst William Longley looks on in amazement, wondering, if this is what it’s like, to get old?!  Meanwhile, can you name the bowler on the adjacent rink, furious with himself, that he has just managed to bowl a wrong bias and hoping nobody has seen it?  (Sat 05/11/22).
The Vic Ashby match in full flow, as skips, Roy Baston and Alex Routen, keep it regular, thanks to winning the pre – match spider prizes, of the prunes and the beans!  (Sat 05/11/22).
Irene Ashby thanks all those who turned out and supported the day, as John Lake begins to nod off.  It’s tough being a serial winner!  (Sat 05/11/22).
The winning triple on the day, Fred Martineau, Janice Hatcher and John Lake are pictured with Irene Ashby, who is all but out on her feet, having played 21 ends in the Yetton comp,. in the morning and then 18 ends, in this afternoon’s match.  You go girl!  (Sat 05/11/22).

Kind regards, an ex – Club Captain and Club c

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