2014 – 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary

The Anniversary Celebrations Week ran from Monday 3rd November 2014 until Sunday 9th November 2014.  Please click on the date to see results and reports for that day. 

The Team preparing for the 25th Anniversary celebrations all need to be recorded as they all put themselves out big time, not for their own personal gain but to ensure that PARIBC as a whole, was the winner.  Equally I am bound to forget some people so apologies in advance if I do!  It must be noted that the Club would like to say a massive, huge, big, thank you to the 25th Anniversary committee for all their hard work and efforts they put in over a year of planning, in ensuring that the week-long celebrations were a success both on and off the green and offered plenty of chances and events for all at the club to participate in.  The lively atmosphere at the club all week was good to see and it was also nice to hear the positive comments and feedback from Oppo players and visitors, praising PARIBC as a good and social bowls club.  Long may it continue.  Thus thanks are due to Linda Hoare who headed up the 25th Anniversary committee, which consisted of Dot Elliott, Sue Smith, Glynis Whatman, Trevor Bishop, Peter Britton, Dave Hood and John Lake.  Also thanks to all those who ran and helped out, (markers, scorers, etc.), in the various competitions and roll ups on all the days and most nights as well, namely Dave Hood, Malcolm Roots, Peter Britton, Deidre Williams, Pearl Turner Giles, Margaret and Vic Jordan, Malcolm and Lesley Clark, John and Doreen Langley.

The sterling efforts of the kitchen and all those who sail in her, sorry, I mean, work in her, must also be highlighted!  We had 7 continuous full days of food and beverages as the kitchen production and output went into overdrive.  Nicola, Adrian, Sam, Amy, Jade and other young ladies, your unstinting efforts were very much welcomed.  All the food was lovely, as usual, but the fare offered at the main celebration meal on the Sunday had all 70 plus people passing on their compliments on how nice it was, so well done on a superb meal!  Also the presentation of the restaurant and tables for the main Sunday meal, (see pics on website), had both home and Oppo players, as well as visitors, commenting on what a brilliant job had been done and how lovely it looked.  So a big pat on the back to Sue Smith, (as an aside, just how tight were those jeans, not that I was looking?!),  who was O.I.C. for this operation and for turning the plans of hers / others on the committee, into reality.  Sue’s hard work on the Sunday along with Dot Elliott, Linda Hoare and Glynis Whatman and the kitchen girls in transforming the area were a testament to what can be done, (well done ladies!), and as Trevor Bishop, Dave Elliott and Dave Hood, found out, it was better to not get involved and just be utilised for the heavy lifting duties!  Also thanks to Sue Smith and Babs Tomlin, (and others), for their efforts on the bar all week.  The 2 social evenings run by Trevor Bishop and Sue Smith were also appreciated and brought in extra revenue and finally the efforts on the club raffle front by Dot Elliott, (along with all her sellers), must be noted, as a phenomenal number of over 700 strips of tickets were sold…………………even if Dave Hood did buy 550 of them…………….only joking…………….he only bought 500, the cheap skate!  Also thanks to Malcolm and Lesley Clark for their work on the website, updating it this week on an almost hourly basis each day to keep all informed of what was happening.  To all those who took pics during the week and haven’t sent them, get them to Malcolm and they will go on the website in the Picture Gallery section.

[What is missing from the Thin Man’s report is his role in last week’s fun & games.  He neglected to say that he, too, was on the 25th Anniversary Committee and buzzing around like a mad thing, just like he does when gathering bowls on the green using all of his appendages. Lots of you automatically pay him money when he asks for it without remembering why you did so, and then get a suprise like winning on the 25/250 daily draw which he has tirelessly organised.  He frequently, in his usual reports, denigrates his bowling skills but those who play against him know that he is quite an opponent.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH FLETCH FOR YOUR EFFORTS.  Editor]

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