2015 – Breast Cancer Day 8th March

BREAST CANCER DAY 8th March 2015

Approximately 6 months ago our Lady Captain approached Irene Ashby and Sylvia Day and Gently coerced us into doing something for the Breast Cancer Charity.

We got our heads together and decided that we would use the club to its maximum potential, rather than do a half hearted affair.

Firstly, we had to formulate a programme for the day and get the board to sanction it.  Whilst this was being discussed by the Board, we worked on filling the day with FUN ideas.

With many friends at the club offering help and ideas, we got a plan together and contacted the Breast Cancer Charity and got balloons, banners, info cards and supportive help.

We were astounded by the Prince Arthur Board decision to grant us a £300 gift and all raffle proceeds!!!!  This was a brilliant start to the campaign.

We had a cake stall suggested by Lina Foster, which sold slices of cake donated by many, many ladies, for 50p and these disappeared as quick as the players came in the door!!!

(We should have charged them £1!!!!)

Sylvia’s family and our grandchildren worked hard on pink wristbands (some with names on) which sold for 50p, or £1 for posh ones.
Some people had a bit of persuasion from organisers to buy the pink bands, especially the men. Yes, they took the advice and bought them.

The day started off with the pink ladies drawn triples.

Ladies Charity Match Group Photo

Then came Tea

After tea everyone had to change bowls with a person in their team. This was great fun, the only trouble was that most of us played better with somebody else’s bowls!!!.

We had great fun and this was a good start to a brilliant day.

Winning TeamScoreRunners Up
Vanessa Gaudoin
Fran White
Brenda Williams
16 – 12Pearl Turner-Giles
Brenda Hedgecock
Chris Heward
Jackie Cordell
Lena Foster
Lesley Clark
12 – 11Jackie Spice
Audrey Rushton
Irene Ashby
Babs Tomlin
Doreen Jenkins
Bernie Mercer
13 – 7Lynette Stock
Sheila Gutridge
Shirley Harris
Sheila Pamplin
Pam Belsham
Pat Carr
19 – 3Sonia Bignall
Denise Bigwood
Margaret Head
Linda Hoare
Gloria Fox
Val Hart
13 – 8Linda Woodhouse
June Robinson
Joan McLaughlin
Sylvia Day
Maureen Osborne
Jean Lacey
20 – 6Dot Elliott
Pam Horan
Cilla Stevens

We had a wonderful response from Thameside Wanderers who joined in the day with pink shirts and pink wigs. They also bought many bands and cakes as well.

Finally, we would like to send special thanks to cake donators, also John Mercer for pictures, Malcolm and Lesley Clark for help on the day and anyone else who helped make this a great day.

Also, thanks for the generosity of Nicola in the rink 9 restaurant for allowing us to sell our own cakes.

The final total is not yet clear as some donations are still being received. The target for the day was about £750. We probably doubled it  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will update the total on the web and on notice board when we are ready.
Irene and Sylvia XXXXX

Photos from the Ladies Breast Cancer Match Sunday 8th March 2015

Photos from the Thameside Wanderers Match Sunday 8th March 2015

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