2015 – World Bowls Championships

Hello! to all PARIBC Club Members,

Well, another year has passed, or should I say disappeared!!! Can’t believe it is a year since my last report!

However, Bernie and I went to the Hallowed Potters again this year and having registered, was awarded 2 free day passes for the Ladies final on Thurs, so having found some quick extra accommodation, we had 4 days there and so were able to watch all the main finals. We met up with Eric from Tye Green again and so those of you who were watching, he was sitting on my left.

I digress, Thursday morning 10oclock Match was between Alex Marshall and Ben Twist who travelled over from Australia. Alex won on a tie break, 9-3,3-7, 2-0.

1pm saw the semi-Final between Katherine Rednall ( def champ 2014 ) play new comer Victoria Bilson ( 17yrs of age ) and although the score line belied it ( 10-5,8-4. To Rednall ) it was a good match and the youngster put up a good fight, but was a bit overawed by the scenario in which she found herself! Look for her next year….!

Next was the match between Darren Burnett and Greame Donaldson,

somewhat uneventful, Burnett won in a tie break, 7-6. 6-7, 2-0.

 Darren Burnett

Evening 7.30pm brought the Ladies singles final between Katherine Rednall and Laura Thomas.

This turned out to be a walkover for Laura in the 1st set 14-5, but Katherine tried hard to fight back in the 2nd set, in the hopes of a win to force a tie break, but it was not to be and she lost the 2nd set 10-9.

So yet another Ladies Champion. Never since the ladies Championship was formed has the same lady one it for more than 1 year.

Laura Thomas Ladies Singles Winner

Friday 10am brought the 1st men’s quarter finals between Darren Burnett (1) Scotland
and Greg Harlow (9) England.

The 1st set saw Greg totally overpower Darren to win 11-1.  2nd set saw Darren missed an easy firing shot in end 3 to give Greg 3 shots and again a missed weighted shot in end 6 gave Greg another 4 shots!

Greg went on to win the match, 11-1, 11-1.

 Darren Burnett and Greg Harlow in the Mens Quarter Final

 2.30 pm saw Alex Marshall v Nick Brett have a really good match, the 1st set being won by Marshall 11-4 and the 2nd set by Brett 14-4 giving us a well fought tie break of 2-1 to Marshall.

Next was Robert Paxton v David Gourlay, which was a bit of a walk in the park for Gourlay in the 1st set, him winning by12-6 shots. The 2nd set was hard fought by both players ending in a draw 6-6, giving the match to Dave Gourlay.

Friday evening had the one we were all waiting for, between Andy Thomson and Paul Foster.  We were all rooting for Andy. Based on his previous match’s he stood a very good chance against Paul, who it has to be said is not favoured be the majority of the people in the gallery, due to his fits of temper and lack of magnanimity when he loses.  I did on every occasion, when Andy was bowling, speak to him and give him our and PARIBC’s good wish’s.

Well it turned out to be a humdinger of a match the first set going to Andy 7-6.  The 2nd set was also hard fought, but Paul was losing it a bit and bowling a bit more erratically.  He did have a bit of hard luck in the 8th end when Andy was holding 3, he fired hit the jack, but instead of going straight, it veered off to the left and hit Andy’s bowl, still leaving him with 3.  The end was eventually won by Foster by 1 shot.  Set won by Andy 7-6.

Set 2 brought more of the same, but whatever Paul threw at Andy, he threw back and more!!  Andy won the set 7-4, giving him the match.  For those of you who watched the interviews with the players on the carpet, you will have seen Paul pouring cold water on the proceedings, when he was quizzed about his losses of the mixed pairs final and now the Men’s quarter final to Andy, which resulted in him being unsporting in his retorts about Laura in the pairs and Andy in this match.  Anyway honour was served and Andy march’s on to the Semi’s.

Saturday sees the men’s Semi Finals from 2.30pm.  First up was Greg Harlow v Alex Marshall.  1st set, was a hard fought affair, trading shot for shot and end for end, it being 6 all on end 8.  All to play for and last end Alex sent a bowl down at pace to take out Greg’s holding bowl, leaving himself with 1.

1st set Marshall 7-6. 2nd set, same as the first shot for shot and end for end, it being 5-4 to Alex on the 7th.   End 9 started with a disturbance in the gallery, resulting in Greg picking up the mat and having to wait to restart, which clearly broke his concentration and definitely affected his game and he lost the set 7-5.   Marshall through to the Final tomorrow.

Next to play were David Gourlay v Andy Thomson.

I went down and gave Andy all our best wishes for a successful match.  I guess Andy was starting to feel the strain of the week’s hard matches, but at 59 years old he was gung ho! and ready to go!! And so to the 1st set, this saw Andy fighting hard to be 6-4 up at the8th, but David holding 4!!!…Andy sent a weighted shot down, but just missed 3 of them to only take out 1. The end was won by David be 2 shots, but Andy won the 1st set 7-6.  After a long and tiring 2nd set ( match time over 1.5hrs ) Andy lost 8-3. And so to another!!! Tie break! Andy 1, Andy 2, yippeeeeee!  

Andy in the final! Everyone can rest now……until tomorrow!

Finals Day! Andy Thomson v Alex Marshall.

The Gladiators are here to slug it out. Scotland v England!!l

Andy didn’t start with the same momentum or intensity as previous matches losing the first 4 ends.

The 5th end saw Alex put the jack in the ditch!! ( see even the professionals can do it! )  Andy pulled back 2 shots but by end 7 Alex was 9-2 up!

Andy fought back hard with his best end yet to get 1 shot making it 9-3. End 9, WOW!!! Andy holding 4   shots, score line now 10-7, and in the 10th another 2 shots Andy, now10-9 to Alex, who got 1 on the 11th end  to win the 1st set 11-9.

2nd set and Andy is now looking very tired, looking like he’d rather be in bed!!

He was not concentrating so much, so was 6-1 down at the 5th.

Unfortunately Andy didn’t get the run of the balls from then on,  
missing his firing shots and at end9 was7-3 down.   

End 10 sees the final score of Alex10 to Andy’s 3. Match over. 

Andy Thomson  Runner up Mens Singles Final

Well played Alex, a worthy 6 times World Champion

  and VERY hard luck Andy, just run out of steam.  Still, see you there next year!!

  Alex Marshall Winner Mens Singles Final

Well that’s all from me folks, til next year. I have added a few pics for you to look at, from this years fun and games.

John Mercer.

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