2016 – Life President’s Trophy


When a match is won overall by a single shot and this one shot is gained with the last shot, of the last end, of the last rink to finish, then this perhaps sums up what a wonderful afternoon of bowls was had at the Club’s inaugural Life President’s Trophy match, between the PARIBC President’s side and the PARIBC Captain’s side, on Saturday 16th April 2016.  The President’s side winning by 144 shots to the Captain’s side, 143 shots.  We won’t mention that the new PARIBC Ladies singles champion and the runner up in the social matches player of the season comp., were both on the Captain’s side on this decisive, “2 shots lost on the last end”, rink, but don’t worry, Pat Wells and Tony Jewell, we don’t think anybody noticed……………………Trevor Bishop bl**dy well did!!!  Rink scores below, (P = President’s teams, C = Captain’s teams):-

P – Bill Howlett, Sheila Gutteridge, Tom Heward = 19
C – Dave Clare Vic Ashby, Dave Cook = 24

P – Joan Mcloughlan, Vic Jordan, Sonia Bignall = 10
C – Gerry Knight, Ted Bains, Lynette Stock = 18

P – Ian Jenkins, Glynis Whatman, Dave Elliott = 14
C – Dave Brown, Ron Lawrenson, Tim Fletcher = 24, (Top Capt’s rink………yes, we can’t believe it either!)

P – Doreen Langley, Jim Masters, Terry Marsh = 15
C – Sue Smith Malcolm Clark, Trevor Bishop = 23

P – Lesley Clark, Deidre Williams, John Lake = 19
C – Lynn Korff, Keith Sheepwash, Charlie Wells = 8

P – Brian Allan, Doreen Jenkin, Brian Rance = 18
C – Tony Jewell, Pat Wells, Linda Hoare = 22

P – Chris Heward, Ron Gee, Mick Day = 24, (Top Prez’s rink)
C – Irene Ashby, Jean Lacey, Dave Hood = 10

P – Jim Green, Roy Baston, Dot Elliott = 25
C – Val Cook, Dave Sutherland, John Langley = 14

However, one thing that was noticed, was the arrival of John Lake, who couldn’t decide if he was a he, a she or an it, today, (we think the latter!), and the oversized and very much enhanced, (due to padding), bulge in his far too tight lycra leggings was only matched by the bulge in the right hand leg of Club Captain Trevor Bishop’s tracksuit bottoms.  The latter’s bulge was down to his bowls towel, which he was going mad at with everybody else for losing, only to find it next to his shin.  Obviously he has no sense of feeling from the waist down, so Sue Smith, his far better half, has our sympathy!

Believe it or not, but team selection was done via the pulling of names out of a hat and the odd late tweak to teams, was due to some last minute cry offs, but thanks to all who supported the day and played and made the day a success and a good way to put the winter season to bed.  Please can all who took pictures on their phones, their tablets, or even on those old fashioned things called cameras, let Malcolm Clark have a copy of them all so they can go on the website for all to see.  The morning Boccia challenge and bowls obstacle course, also provided much mirth and also raised quite a bit of dosh at the same time, so well done to all those who helped out and organized this and supported it and again, all pictures of this event, to Malcolm please, so they can be put on the website.  Congrat to the usual winners, (Lesley and Malcom Clark, same old, same old!), in the “Fletcher Fiddles” comps. and well done to Dot Elliott who won just about everything else going on the day……………..and has done for the past week, month, year, come to think of it.  Hope you have bought a lottery ticket this week Dot?!

As I take my leave of bowls and the PARIBC family, I wish you all the best for the future.  Hopefully the reports over the winter season haven’t offended and upset too many people, (famous last words!), and have been taken in the good humoured manner that they were intended, because at the end of the day, if you can’t laugh at yourselves, then who can you laugh at, (well apart from laughing at me, obviously)?  And I notice there were plenty who were laughing at my legs on Saturday, (I don’t know why?!), which, it must be noted, were not a pair of skittles to be aimed at, on the bowls obstacle course!!!

Kind regards, Mr Timothy Fletcher.

Dave Elliott Club Chairman presenting the Trophy to President Jim Masters

A Jubilant President Jim Masters wins his own trophy …..just!

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