2017 – New Year’s Eve Party


The physical party preparations started early with Dave Hood setting up the electrical connections for the Sound System on Saturday 30th December.  The mental preparations had begun much earlier with Kevin Farrell and John Lake sorting out Quizzes and Bingo.

6pm on New Year’s Eve found these stalwarts setting up tables and checking out equipment to ensure that the party ran smoothly.  Malcolm Clark set up the Bar and “aided” in other preparations.

Members began arriving at around 7pm with Linda Hoare and Glynis Whatman setting out donated food on the tables.  Kevin and John welcomed the guests at the door with John selling the Bingo cards. 

By 8pm guests had sorted out their refreshments from the bar, served mainly by Babs Tomlin, started identifying faces on the Picture Quiz, and the evening began with some music and dancing.

After a while John Lake brought out his “infernal machine”, the Bingo Callers Cage, tray and, most importantly, Balls.  It needed both John and Kevin to run this “machine” with Kevin turning the ball and John reading out the numbers.  After one or two false starts and dropped balls, the team operation got into full swing and there were 2 games of Bingo with a line and full house on each.  John’s number descriptions brought roars of laughter and frequent calls of “what was that number?”. 

More dancing followed with John (Travolta) Lake in his gold lame shirt and white trousers encouraging dancers on to the floor.

Later the first of the three Quizzes started with many puzzled faces and calls for repeats of the questions.  While this was going on a “Bus Stop” raffle circulated round the tables.  At the end of the Quiz session the results were given along with the winners of the “Bus Stop” raffle.

The remainder of the evening was dancing to a great variety of tunes with Kevin and John giving out spot prizes for the best “movers”.  Kevin and John both joined in enthusiastically dancing and occasionally “singing” . 

Graham Hubbard acted as a DJ with his own selection of songs until after midnight

Shortly before midnight John made a short speech and played a song which remembered those who are no longer with us at Christmas, in memory of friends, family and members lost in the past year.  A very touching moment.

The usual choruses of “Auld Lang Syne” were sung at midnight with New Year greetings between all present.

An excellent evening thanks to our Hosts, Kevin and John.

Many thanks to all who helped during the evening and in particular Kevin Farrell, John Lake, Dave Hood, Graham Hubbard, Linda Hoare, Glynis Whatman and Babs Tomlin for finishing up the bar.

Pics from the evening

Bingo Callers Extraordinaire
John (Travolta) Lake

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