2017 – Trev’s Match

This Match is played annually in memory of the late Trevor Bishop, 
and pits the Chairman’s Team against the Club Captain’s Team each Winter Season. 

The players are selected by the Chairman and Club Captain.

The report is shown below for the first match which was played on Saturday 18th March 2017.

On Sat 18/03/17, in “Trev’s Match”, PARIBC Chairman’s team beat PARIBC Captain’s team by 10 shots, (153 – 143) in an 8 rinks meal match, that was dedicated to the memory of Trevor Bishop. 
The rinks scores were as follows, with Chairman’s team shown first and Captain’s team shown second:-

Rink 1 = Margaret Laraman, Alan Head, Roger Spice, Dave Cook DREW with Jean Lacey, Fred Garrod, Graham Hubbard, Terry Marsh = 18 – 18
Rink 2 = Jim Green, Bill Howlett, John Mercer, Lynette Stock BEAT Bryan Allen, Lynn Korff, Roy Baston, Linda Hoare = 18 – 15
Rink 3 = Glynis Whatman, Dave Clare, Carol Webster, Sylvia Day LOST to Margaret Jordan, Dave Brown, Rose Gibson, Babs Tomlin = 06 – 27 (Top Captain’s rink)
Rink 4 = Sue Smith, Fran White, Arthur Hart, Dave Elliott BEAT Mick Fisher, Danny Cox, Pat Wells, Barry Tomlin = 26 – 22
Rink 5 = Lesley Clark, Dan Smith, Jim Masters, Dot Elliott BEAT Ron Lawrenson, Bernie Mercer, Vic Jordan, Dave Hood = 24 – 13
Rink 6 = Val Hart, Tony Hoy, Dave Stock, Jim Simpson LOST to Sonia Bignall, Sue Whittaker, Dave Sutherland, Jackie Spice = 14 – 19
Rink 7 = Christine Heward, Gerry Knight, Pat O’Meara, Jim Coleman BEAT Chis Day, Heather Allan, George Hatterill, Eileen Simpson = 24 – 10 (Top Chairman’s rink)
Rink 8 = Deidre Williams, Sheila Gutteridge, Allan Buchan, Malcolm Clark BEAT Val Cook, Fred Linger, Tim Fletcher, Tom Heward = 23 – 19

Before the game, the President and Chairman gave speeches, as the bar was reopened and named in honour of Trevor. 
As such, if you now look above the bar, there is now a nameplate proudly showing that this is “Bishop’s Bar”.

The first pint was duly pulled by Sue Smith and drunk by Dad and Chairman, Dave Elliott, although we are still trying to get the money off of him for it, no change, (quite literally, ho, ho!), there then! 
This is a nice touch by the club and thus when you buy a drink from the bar and pick it up, you will be quite literally, raising your glass to “The Bish”.

Next up, there was a “spider” comp. to kick the afternoon off.  Talk about how to confuse 63 elderly people.  So much so, that the charity “Age Concern”, have received numerous complaints about how this was more like abuse of the elderly and are investigating what exactly the tall, thin, shouty, non bowling, man in the middle of the rink was doing.  Luckily the 9 winners all ended up with chocolate and fruit prizes, to assist with ensuring that they were getting their 5 – a – day, so this surely must be seen as helping and caring for the aged in the community?!

It was only natural, that the day was emotional, but the initial tears of sadness were soon replaced by much laughter, as the noise levels and banter across all rinks was ramped up and the match and day in general, proved a fitting tribute to Trevor.  Thus there were plenty of good shots, numerous lucky wicks and a couple or three, misdemeanours.  There was one wrong bias delivered by Heather Allan, (good luck in your upcoming exams), who yet again nearly started a fight with herself, whilst the big bloke that is Dave Hood, managed to deliver two, yes two, of the pesky things.  Mr Bishop would have been proud!  And speaking of big man Hood, has anybody out there seen the current TV advert about “Workplace Pensions”?  If not, then try and see it, because to me, I can see no difference between the walk of the “monster” in this advert and that of Dave, when he is plodding up and down the green during a match!  Or have I got that wrong again?!  Meanwhile the PARIBC gnome, Bill Howlett, decided to have a glass, (well a pint actually), of the “Trev’s Punch” that was for sale at the bar to toast Trevor memory and also to celebrate his own up coming birthday, which resulted in both him and his woods then wobbling up and down the rink in a disorderly manner.  We are not sure how old Bill really is, but in gnome years, he must be touching at least 217 years old!  Unfortunately, the Lotto syndicate won nowt except two lucky dip lines for the Lotto this Sat 25/03/17 and so that you can check yourself, the lines / numbers are as follows:- Line one = 02, 11, 23, 29, 32, 42 (GREY 11354890); Line two = 06, 23, 28, 29, 35, 54, (GREY 64416987).  Thanks to all those who came in to play following late changes, especially Carol Webster and Deidre Williams, who stood in at the very last minute and also to all those that played out of position on the day.  Thanks also to Nicola, Adrian and plethora of girls / boys in the TV lounge / kitchenette for the food, to Jacky for the bar and to Dot Elliott for the raffle.

Video of the naming of Bishop’s Bar

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