2018 – Fun Matches


As the temps rose outdoors on Sat 23/06/18, they were equally matched indoors at the annual 8 rink mixed triples / fours home strawberry cream tea match and this was before we had even started!  Due to many a late arrival and a cry off, that nobody knew about, then there was confusion and mayhem and with that pain in the behind, Mr Fletcher, yet again taking money, (but more of that later!), then there were quite a few people getting very hot everywhere and not just under the collar!

Aside from the 2 ends at the start and 2 ends at the finish, which somehow caused confusion all round, the afternoon on the green panned out well and the overall winners were the team of John Bee, Jean Lacey and Bob Louden.  There was plenty of noise all afternoon across all rinks to go with the mix of good and bad woods played and speaking of the latter, hang your heads Dave Hood and Linda Hoare for your wrong biases, with the new Club Captain keeping very quiet about it, thinking she had got away with it, till she was rightly grassed up!  But a very social and successful day was rounded off by the strawberry cream tea, which as usual is down to the efforts of HRH Dorothy Elliott, ably assisted by the man at her beckon call, hubby Dave Elliott and their delightful daughter, Sue Smith, with the latter proving that she can multi task, by baking nearly 150 scones, whilst polishing off 5 bottles of wine at the same time………blimey she is slipping!  Their efforts for the tea, along with the pre match rolls and sarnies and cakes on the cake stall, cannot be underestimated, nor should it be taken for granted.  Without the pre match day work involved then this is an event that would not happen.  Equally the unstinting help of others must also be recognized, for their efforts in running stalls before the match, helping in the kitchen and for clearing up at the end.  So alongside the Elliot’s and the Smifffffffff lady and in no particular order, take a bow, Doreen Langley, Gloria Smith, Fran Sutherland, Lesley Clark, Glynis Whatman, John Langley, Malcolm Clark, Eric Clive and John Mercer.  If I have missed anybody off then I apologise and please feel free to berate me next time you see me.  And thanks also to all those members who supported the day and turned out, very much appreciated.  If you enjoyed it then spread the word, if you didn’t, then speak with Dave Hood and he will soon put you straight!  And speaking of the big man, he is running the internal Summer Tournament on 21st July 2018, an enjoyable social comp. and fun day, open to all, even non bowlers like me.  So sign your names up on the call up sheets, which are on the notice board, the more the merrier and lets see if we can get all 8 rinks full with fours playing fours, on all rinks.

Talking of money, as we weren’t, then Mr Fletcher makes no apologies for being a pain in the behind, (we already know that!), with regard to always being on the scrounge for money, (for the Club mind, not himself!) and gave the following info to clarify where today’s individual £1.50 “donations” went.  Feel free to fall asleep at any time!  £1 went towards the number you chose for next year’s 30th Birthday daily draw, (only 300 numbers, in a daily draw during Birthday week, to win £30, bottle of wine and chocs each day and for which, you will get written confirmation next year).  10p went into todays fruit raffle for each rink and the 9 winners on the 8 rinks and visitors “rink” were Dave Bushell, Janet Dean, Margaret Head, Arthur Hart, John Langley, Lynette Stock, Terry Reynolds, Jean Braithwaite and Gloria Smith, with the 9 runners up on the 8 rinks and visitors “rink” being Deidre Williams, Pam Fincher, Sue Smith, Eric Clive, Sue Whittaker, Graham Hubbard, Dave Cook, Roy Baston and John Mercer.  10p went into the sweets in the jar comp, (there were 70 sweets in the jar, due to somebody, we don’t know who, sneakily hiding a cardboard tube in middle of jar to take up space!) and this was won by Shirley Arnold.  10p went into the lottery syndicate for 5 tickets for Saturday nights Lottery draw, from which we got 2 numbers up on one line and so won a lucky dip ticket for this forthcoming Wed night Lottery draw and the numbers are as follows: 04, 24, 36, 41, 57, 58, GOLD62046515, so you can check yourselves, if we win or not.  10p went into the head and tails comp, which due to the late start never took place, so this, along with the other 10p, went into the 30th Birthday pot.  Come next year, the contents of this pot, (building up nicely), will be up for grabs and PARIBC members will get a chance to win it.  So keep checking your purses for those 1p, 2p and 5p coins and hand them over to the big eared pain of a bean pole to try and make him happy!

Kind regards, your correspondent, still fuming that the footy World Cup has meant that “Bargain Hunt” has been cancelled on TV on a Sunday!

Pics from the Day


Dave Hood cordially invited members to put their names down for his annual do. 31 members duly did so and were treated to a day of competitive play starting at 10:00am. The morning sessions were drawn up by Hoodie, after many false starts, ensuring that everyone played in a team even though it resulted in a team of 4 playing against triples teams.  Each team played 3 games of 5 ends to try to gain the highest points – 2 for a win and 1 for a draw.

After a splendid lunchtime buffet ably prepared by Dot Elliott and the Queen of Cakes, Sue Smith, the top 4 winning teams from the morning’s competitions played in the semi-finals and finals.

Pics from the Day

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