2018 – Pearle’s 90th Birthday

Pearle Turner – Giles hits 90, as the PARIBC Chairman hits the canvas

At the Club last Saturday, there was a party for the special Birthday of one of the Club’s long standing members.  Friends and family gathered to help Pearle Turner – Giles celebrate her 90th birthday.  There was a game of bowls, followed by a lovely spread and judging by the vast amount of gifts said lady received, she, (and guests), certainly had an enjoyable time.  In honour of Pearle and some of her previous, shall we say, misdemeanours, Chairman Dave Elliott raised the biggest laugh of the day when he unintentionally fell in the ditch before the spider comp.  Now this was surprising, as he was already standing in the ditch at the time and with everybody thinking he was doing it for comedy effect, so nobody rushed to help him up and he lay there as woods were bowed all around him!  Unofficial club photographer, John Mercer, took some pictures and managed to get down to the local chemists this week to get them sent away and developed and they are attached and also shown in the website gallery page.

Huge thanks are due to Dot and Dave Elliott and Sue Smith for the magnificent spread they laid on and to Brenda Williams, for yet another one of her superb cakes!  Thanks also go to the those two ladies of height, namely Deidre Williams and Patricia Wells for their efforts in organizing the day and they have already started planning the party for Pearl’s century!


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