2018 – Race Night



Firstly a few words about last Fri night’s social night, when horse racing on the big screen came to the club and brought a different meaning to the usual phrase of “old nags down at the club”!  This was a superb, (and noisy), evening, both socially and financially, with the club doing well monetary wise out of the event.  It was run by an outside firm, with the 2 gents running it, doing an excellent job, as it was very well organized and run.  From the PARIBC side, the usual stalwarts, namely local builder, (cowboy…without a horse?!), bloke Kevin Farrrell and his side kick, John Lake, both worked their socks off all night, selling horses and raffle tickets and generally chasing people for dosh, to raise more funds for the club and their efforts, were very much appreciated by the club.  Equally, the unstinting efforts of Sue Smith and Dan Smith behind the bar, must be noted as they too, both worked tirelessly all evening.

Although the evening was well attended, it was just a real pity that there were not more PARIBC members there, to match all the family and friends of others, who were there.  I know and appreciate people have other things to do and may well be out on a Fri night, etc., but more member support would have been welcomed.  You didn’t have to bet if you didn’t want to and if you did have the odd bet and were lucky enough to have only 1 winner from the 10 races, then you could well have broken even.  There was also the chance to win £150 for only a 50p outlay, which seems like a good bet to me?  One of the luckiest punters on the night was none other than Dave Hood, who managed to beat the bookies in at least 7 of the races, whilst next years Kent Ladies President, Lynette Stock, seemed to be betting large, (with hubby Dave’s money!), on every race, judging by the amount of betting slips she was seen with each time!

I believe there is more info and pics on the PARIBC Facebook page, (unfortunately I don’t have Facebook), so go and have a look and see what you missed.  Hopefully there will be another of these race nights in the new year, so let’s see if we can double our attendance for that one.

Kind regards, a punter who lost his shirt and as you know, is not a pretty sight at the best of times, so now without his shirt………aaarrrggghhhh!!!!

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