2018 – Trev’s Match

This Match is played annually in memory of the late Trevor Bishop, and pits the Chairman’s Team against the Club Captain’s Team each Winter Season. 

The players are selected by the Chairman and Club Captain.

The report is shown below for the 2nd match which was played on Saturday 6th January 2018

On Saturday 06/01/18, “Trev’s Match”, the memorial game in memory of Trevor Bishop, was played, with the “home” team triumphing over the “away” team by the small margin of only 16 shots, (162 – 146), in this 8 rinks meal match.  A fine turn out by PARIBC members and supporters ensured a very lively and loud day played out across all rinks, with the noise levels and good natured humorous banter contributing hugely to a very enjoyable day, despite being fleeced of their dosh yet again when they all walked in, by that big eared, non bowler of a bean pole!  Er………excuse me, but that was over £50 I’ll have you know, that has gone into the PARIBC 30th Birthday pot, which a PARIBC member will win next year!  Anyway, the scores on the doors, as if they matter, were as follows, with the “home” team players and scores shown first and the “away” team players and scores shown second.

Rink 1.= Bernie Mercer, Geoff Cooper, Norman Bushell, Barry Tomlin = 20, versus, Jim Masters, Lynn Korff, Allan Buchan, Mo Tipper = 18.
Rink 2. =Derrick Small, Dave Green, Sylvia Day, John Lake = 20, versus, Bill Howlett, Maureen Osborne, Graham Hubbard, Babs Tomlin = 17.
Rink 3. = Pat Carr, Doreen Langley, Brian Rance, Lynette Stock = 15, versus, Dave Clare, Tony Hoy, Pat O’Meara, Mick Day = 24.
Rink 4. = Sue Smith, Sharn Chalkin, Dave Sutherland, Dave Elliott = 12, versus, Irene Ashby, Dan Smith, Tim Fletcher, Dave Hood = 24 (Top away rink).
Rink 5. = Margaret Jordan, Gerry Knight, Arthur Hart, Dot Elliott = 24, versus, Val Cook, Glynis Whatman, Sonia Bignall, Malcolm Clark = 15.
Rink 6. = Lesley Clark, Jean Lacey, Mike Carr, John Langley = 28, versus, Mick Fisher, Barry Bushell, Ron Lawrenson, Dave Cook = 15.
Rink 7. = Christine Heward, Sue Whittaker, Roy Baston, Linda Hoare = 27 (Top home rink), versus, Val Hart, Margaret Head, Vic Jordan, John Mercer = 09.
Rink 8. = Val Green, Tony Jewell, Rose Gibson, Eric Clive = 16, versus, Chris Day, Dennis Booth, Tom Heward, Kevin Edwards = 24.

The loudest and noisiest rink, (or was that just the skips?!), was rink 1, which contained the President, the Club Captain, (and Potters champ) and the Club’s overseas player!  Rink 2 was nip and tuck throughout, but you would expect this with it containing amongst others, The Gnome, The Voice, a Potters champ, a Potters double champ and a man with allegedly the best head of hair this side of the Medway!  At least the New Year’s Eve gold outfit, as worn by the male skip on this rink, was thankfully not on show today!  On rink 3, the club’s Ladies Captain, could not concentrate on her game, as she was constantly being forced, against her will, to watch a video on the phone of the other skip, (another Potters double champ!), involving some other bowls match.  Terrible gamesmanship me thinks!!!  On rink 4, the stand out stars were probably Dan Smith, (Sue’s little boy!) and his good lady Sharn Chalkin, with the latter, by the end, being there or thereabouts on the jack and this was because she was going against the coaching efforts of Miss Smifffffffff herself and that of the Oppo skip, the one man Kent bread making firm, that is Hovis Hood!  Rink 5 was all about age and experience………although not sure if it was more of the former or the latter!  And where on almost every end, once all woods were bowled, Sonia Bignall playing at 3, was seen to be in the bent over measuring stance.  I tell you, that number 3 position gets a bit of a bum rap these days!  Rink 6 was a comfortable victory for the home team, with the away team skip being carried by his team, as he was having problems with his nuts!  That is the problem you sometimes get with squirrels!  A one sided affair panned out on Rink 7, which was all about the beauties and the beasts………and I had better leave that one there!  Finally rink 8 saw yet another couple of Potters double champs playing, who despite their victory today, don’t win an invite back for a free week later in the year!

Despite all the Kent League, the County and the National bowlers on show, the spider comp., before the game, proved that anybody could bowl a lovely wood at a fixed target, as the stars were put to shame, with the winners being Ron Lawrenson, (now on his 18th sets of new woods, in the last 2 years!) and Fran Sutherland, a regular female groupie from the social matches, who has never bowled a wood in her life.  Although she has thrown a wood or two at hubby Dave Sutherland, when he has moaned about not having a nice hat to wear!  The name the bear, (“Brompton”), winner was Christine Heward and this was after a four way draw, with Dan Smith, Tony Jewell and Pat Carr all guessing the same name.  Never was Chairman Dave Elliott under so much pressure to get it right with Grandson, Dan Smith’s name in the hat for the draw.  But the pressure told and he got it “wrong” as he pulled out a delighted Christine Heward’s name from the hat.  I think Grandad might be in the dog house with the rest of the family………although that is normal!  Meanwhile Christine’s hubby Tom Heward, knew that he would be sleeping downstairs on the couch for the next  2 or 3 months, so he was also going to have a word with Mr Elliott!  The fruit and veg winners on each rink were Mo Tipper, John Lake, Brian Rance, Sharn Chalkin, Madge Jordan, Barry Bushell, Madge Head, Kevin Edwards, Shirley Arnold and Janet Small.  Whilst the winner of the guess the number of sweets in the tin was Dave Green, who was spot on with 128.  He couldn’t wait to open the tin and was soon into getting that sugar rush, saying that wife, Val Green, was in for a good night later on, but I think she had other ideas about that!  We won’t mention the wrong biases, suffice to say, Dave Green, Sylvia Day, (Potters double champ?  You are having a laugh!) and Gerry Knight twice, hang your heads in shame!  Huge thanks go to Nicola, Adrian and boys / girls in the kitchen for the superb food and to Katie for doing bar.

When Trevor Bishop was alive, he was very much a club man at heart and putting the Club first was high on his agenda, with matters both on and perhaps even more so, off the green.  As such, his good lady, Sue Smith said she wanted something that would reflect this and felt it appropriate that there be a new trophy to recognise and reward the contribution of a person and  / or persons, for their hard work and efforts in ensuring that the club continues to thrive and prosper both on and off the green.  Thus the “Trevor Bishop Memorial Trophy” is to be an annual award for the Club member of the year.  Each year’s recipient(s), to be decided by the Directors, (taking into account the views of the members), with the trophy to be presented at the AGM each year and the winner and / or winners name(s), will be engraved on the trophy for posterity.  It may mean that the same person and / or persons win it for years in a row, which is not a problem, but equally not to be seen as, “something to be awarded, just because we have another trophy to give away”!  For this first year, it was felt that it was appropriate that Sue Smith should be the inaugural winner and her name, be the first to go on the trophy.  Following a small speech by the Chairman, Dave Elliott, the honour of presenting the trophy, (see pics), was given to Tim Fletcher, (mainly we think, to shut him up from talking, so we could all go home!) and in between the tears of both laughter and sorrow, Miss Smifffffffff, gladly accepted the trophy, (sadly, no kiss for the presenter!) and thanked all who attended today as well as for everybody’s help, comfort and kind words, over the past difficult year.  She said that Trev would be looking down, laughing along with all those at the match that had just gone and wondering what all the fuss was about, but very proud that the members were continuing to support and push the club forward in the right direction!

Kind regards, your correspondent a man who has never been kissed………well you have seen him, so would you?  Exactly!

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