2019 – Player of the Season (Winter ) – 2018 / 2019

These two competitions, (“Player of the Season” and “Shots Difference”), are based on the total of a players best 09 scores, (approx. a quarter), from all the scheduled club social matches they played during the Winter season………it is not based on who has played the most matches.  Thus adding a competitive element, whilst not distracting from the social nature of the matches and season in general.  In both the “Player Of The Season – Total Shots” competition and “Player Of The Season – Total Shots Difference” competition, you had to play at least 9, (approx.. a quarter), or more of the scheduled matches and then your best 9 scores were taken.  And if you understand all that, then you are a better man / woman than me, ho, ho!

Below we see Club Captain, Linda Hoare, in the centre of the pic, presenting the relevant trophies, (there are in fact two trophies, one for each comp.) to the two players, Tim Fletcher and Margaret Head, who finished winner and runner up respectively, in both comps, which were both won by the smallest of margins, just 2 shots, in both cases.  Thus the thin bloke, coming out on top, thanks to two lucky wicks, amongst the many he had all season and although Madge finished a very close second each time, all agreed, she was the most consistent and best bowler throughout the course of the season.  So congratulations to them both.  The two trophies now sit on display in the trophy cabinet, alongside the comps. original shield, which had no space left on for winners / runners up names!

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