Dave Hood

Hi all, we have some news!..

Dave has been transferred back to the rehabilitation centre at Hothfield, near Ashford. Daves cousin John has worked tirelessly to get Dave back from Birmingham to Hothfield as he feels it is the best place for him and after visiting him yesterday, we are pleased to say Dave is so much happier! Hoody is still Hoody albeit a little bit of a muddley head sometimes where his brain takes a bit of time to remember some things.

Living in Birmingham Dave had no interaction with people he knew as he was too far away, so by getting him back to Hothfield John is hoping his friends would be able to visit.

We are trying to organise with Hothfield to bring Dave to the bowls club for a visit but in the meantime If any of his friends from Prince Arthur would like to visit Dave at Hothfield he would be very pleased to see you. The details are below, you can just turn up or call the number on the morning you would like to visit. I called at 7.30 am and the call was answered straight away.

Sue & Marc

   The Manor Unit.
   Brain Injury & Rehabilitation Centre
   Fridd Lane
   TN26 1AZ

Tel : 01233 643272

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