PARIBC Public Address System

Upgrade and enhancement of the Club’s PA system.

On Armistice Saturday, (11/11/23), that well – known local firm, of in – house, dodgy contractors, “Cook, Smith, Sutherland & sons”, gave up their time, once again, to do yet more work for the Club.  Foreman Mick T Smith, was tasked by the Club, with trying to sort out and update the Club’s public address system, that is in situ, but hasn’t worked, for well over 15 years now.  As such, this involved running cables, through the roof space, from the main office, to rinks 3 and 5 and to the areas of the bowls cupboard and the restaurant.  Then connecting up with the fixed and mobile speakers, that are in those respective areas.  On the day, Dave Cook, with a little help and a lot of hinderance, from a local well – dressed vagrant, ran all the cables and they certainly got their “steps in”, with all the ups and downs of the ladder and also the lifting of many a ceiling tile.  Meanwhile Mick, was busy with the electrics and was actually seen to get his hands dirty, (a rare sight indeed!), using a soldering iron and a big hammer!  Prior to Saturday, Dave Sutherland, currently off on sick leave, as he recovers from the transplant operation of his whole right shoulder, (so this is more a case of s[h]o[u]ldering iron!), had built and erected a new console desk and shelf, in the lobby area, between the main office and bar, to house all the electrics and controls.  A busy, yet productive day, saw the work all but finished, with just a little bit of fine tuning needed for sound quality and a couple of shelves to be installed, but once up and running, this should now aid and help out, with things like meetings, (AGM, etc.), for pre – match intro’s, emergency announcements to all, as well as for social nights, etc.  Although, for the latter, this will mean that when one of the Club’s Director’s, John Lake, does his usual and breaks into song at the social night events, we will now hear his dulcet tones, broadcast in quadraphonic sound, so it is not all good news!  So thanks chaps and well done, on another job completed on behalf of the Club, which has saved the Club a bit of dosh, through your hard working efforts.  In the pictures below, (kindly taken by Patricia Wells), we see foreman, Mick T Smith, in his, (electric), element, connecting all the cables and switches, at the new console desk, whilst a very smiley Dave Cook, lends his support, (to the ladder), happy that there is no unravelling of cable to be done today, as the hired – in help, peers cautiously through the gap in the ceiling tiles, wondering just how many squirrels he will encounter in the roof space, this time around?!  The Club’s Ladies Capt., Deidre Williams, looks on cautiously in the background, keeping her distance, but is armed just in case, to protect herself.  Although we are not sure if that is from the possible appearance of aforementioned squirrels, or from the bloke up the ladder?!


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