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Social Night 6

Once again many thanks to Lynette Stock for all her hard work and effort, in the running of the sixth social night, (since “being back”), which took place last night, Tues 03/08/21 and thanks as well, to the 18 members, (but where were the rest of you?), for supporting the event.

The bingo winnings were shared about as usual, but the Patricia Wells, pay for all, holiday fund, was yet again boosted and the silent, delayed, calls of Dave Cook, saw his bank balance, (sorry, wife Val’s, shopping budget), enhanced!  Lynette, also provided us with a quiz, which was won by the team of Fran and Dave Sutherland, Val and Dave Cook, Glynis Whatman and Eric Clive, who proved they could spot an animal at 100 paces, whilst the easy – peasy quiz provided by the skin headed wing nut, was won with a mighty score of 05 out of 40, by Jean Lacey, Roy Baston, Christine and Tom Heward.  But there were complaints a many, about this quiz, not targeting the competitors age demographic of their youth, in the 60’s?  But he didn’t have any questions about the 1860’s!  Many thanks to Fran and Dave Sutherland, Val and Dave Cook and Eric Clive, who, as they have done at every social night, opened their own PARIBC Food Bank and provided huge amounts of food to the aforementioned hairless bloke, keeping his fridge stocked up for another two weeks.  Much appreciated!

The next social night, is scheduled for two weeks’ time, on Tues 17/08/21, at 7pm, so please sign your names up on the call up sheet on the board.  It would really be nice to see more people come along, you will enjoy it, honest!  It is your Club, we need you!  Please see below, for info about upcoming social night dates. (PARIBC – 04/08/21)


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