Vic Ashby Memorial Match Report 05/11/2023

Various and unfortunate drop outs during the week, didn’t bode well and then on the day, we waited and we waited, etc., etc., etc., but we had one Club member, who just didn’t show up.  So the best laid plans and all that, went out the window and after much shuffling around, we just about ended up with 6 rinks of triples and 1 rink of pairs.  Thanks to Marc Carr, Janice Hatcher and Mike R Smith, for agreeing to play pairs and all 3 played very well, in a very competitive and tight match on their rink, where points were being lost, just for swearing!  Overall, the top triple was the team of Sonia Bignell, Lynn Korff and Lynette Stock and their reward for winning, means that their names will be taken off the latest KLIBA County team sheet and added to the previous winners, (of this day), plaques, that adorn “Vic’s bench”, at the far end of the Club, so well done to them.  They had a winning 22 shots advantage, but it was close, as on two other rinks, there were win margins of 21 shots.  But the scores don’t really matter, as all seemed to enjoy themselves on a day when Vic was remembered and in her post match speech, Irene Ashby, made this very clear, as she thanked all those who had turned out to support the event and make the day special.  She also kindly presented the winning triple with bottles of wine a plenty!  The “G” spot, (Christian names!), was the order of the day, in the pre – match “blind” spider, as Gill Hill and Gio Larini, ended up, fruitfully, first and second, respectively, in closeness, to the massive target, that could be seen from outer space!  Whilst in the main raffle, both monetary offerings and gifts were up for grabs and we hope that Gloria Smith hasn’t spent, or perhaps eaten, all her chocolate coins yet?  5 members of the Gypsy Tarts supporters club, kept the chat going, in between watching a bit of the bowls and thanks go to Gemma and Max in the kitchen for the meal, to Katie Hilder for doing the bar and to Glynis Whatman for locking up.  Same time, next year, it is then!

Kind regards, an ex – Club Captain and coach.

Players for Vic’s game

Winning Triple with Irene Ashby (Lynn Korff, Lynette Stock and Sonia Bignell)


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